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Helping Parents discover their childs full potential.

Everyone has their own way of learning and expressing creativity. Apple technology and resources empower every kind of student - to learn, create, and define their own success.

Security and Privacy

At MCC we share Apples values surrounding privacy, especially for our young learners. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right, Apple build privacy and security into all of their products from the ground up, including apps and services for education. When schools set up accounts, devices, and apps for their students in Apple School Manager, they can be sure that Apple will use any data for educational purposes only. This document provides an overview of Apple products used at school and their built-in privacy protections. We can, upon request complete a Security & Privacy infrastructure review for your school, allowing our security experts to ensure that the school and your child are protected.

We understand that you may have concerns about about your child's usage of devices at school, that's why we've compiled information below that should give you peace of mind.

Download Apple's security and privacy PDF for more information.

Jamf Logo

If your children have been provided with iPad devices as part of a school programme, ask your school about Jamf Parent. Jam Parent allows you to remotely manage your children's devices whilst they are at home, using similar tools to those used at school. Jamf Parent makes device management even easier, as you don't have to be in front of it to make changes.

Apple & MCC Case Studies

Read for yourself how impactful Apple Technology in your school can be, we have worked with hundreds of schools over more than a 40 year partnership with Apple. Here are some great examples of the work we do, and ultimately the positive impact this has on your childs learning.

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