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Why do you need MDM and MCC Deployment?

Choosing the right deployment model for your institution is key. It will affect how you deploy additional devices in the future, as well as how you support and manage your users and tech. At MCC, we work with you to create a deployment plan that suits your needs.

One vital part of a successful deployment is selecting your Mobile Device Management system. As the industry leaders, we recommend Jamf. Jamf allows schools to apply settings, deploy apps and content, and keep track of all devices wirelessly – making deploying and managing Apple devices even easier.

Ongoing Support

Support is an essential part of what we do at MCC. Educational Institutions require peace of mind that their technology will work consistently and reliably, without downtime or frustration. When it doesn't, time is what matters and with that in mind we have invested heavily in our support services, offering a modern, real time ticketed service for all support queries, as well as ensuring that our hardware repair partners are able to return your repaired device to you as quickly as possible.

Apple School Manager.png

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is a simple web-based portal that lets IT administrators deploy iPad and Mac in schools. You can easily provide students and staff with access to Apple services, set up devices, get apps and books, and enable teachers with tools to create engaging learning experiences — all from one place. And now with Microsoft Azure Active Directory support, it’s easier than ever to integrate iPad and Mac into your existing environment, as well as to provide your students and staff with access to key Apple services for teaching and learning.

 Apple School Manager
Apple School Manager
Apple School Manager

With access to iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, iCloud Backup, Schoolwork and Shared iPad, teachers and students can use learning materials and the work they’ve created on any device. Learn more at 

Jamf Partner

No one helps you extend the Apple experience and get more out of the entire Apple ecosystem than Jamf. And with nearly 20 years of Apple experience, an unmatched reputation of same-day Apple OS support, and a complete security and management platform for anyone to use, Jamf is the answer for every Apple device.

Whether you have a handful of iPads or tens of thousands of Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV devices, Jamf has an intuitive solution for every organization of every size to meet every level of technology need.

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