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Learning, transformed.

Together, we’ll create a space where you can shine. With tools that capture attention, spark ideas, and inspire learning.

The all-new ActivPanel

ActivPanel9 MCC Digital

Why Promethean?

1. Hardware

ActivPanel 9

Promethean’s next-generation interactive panel delivers our most robust, seamless, and secure user experience yet, offering features that respond to the unique needs of teachers, IT administrators, and school leaders.

ActivPanel 9 Promethean
ActivPanel 9 Pen
ActivPanel 9 Remote


  • Save and open files quickly and easily between your panel and your device

  • Navigate your panel with an intuitive remote so you can move around the classroom freely

  • Work seamlessly with educational platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

  • Access your content and customisations from any ActivPanel 9 with your roaming profile

  • Connect your device directly to the panel with one cable for your audio, video, and data

ActivPanel 9 Connectivity | MCC Digital
  • Sign in with ease and get started the moment you switch your panel on

  • Create a Promethean account so you can personalise your user profile and access it from anywhere

  • Customise your settings and menu with your favourite apps and tools

  • Capture your screen and quickly save it to the panel, the cloud, or your device

  • Open two browsers on the panel at once for improved instruction

  • Collaborate and communicate in the classroom with Screen Share


ActivPanel 9 Cenre Control
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2. Software


Designed by teachers, for teachers.

Award-winning ActivInspire is an intuitive way to create and deliver lessons that are interactive, engaging and geared for breakthrough moments.

ActivInspire Promethean

Make every lesson an experience

Set the timer, spin the wheel. Leverage tried-and-tested activities and robust creation tools that make content more immersive. ActivInspire was created to help every student grasp concepts, solve problems and apply learning—having fun along the way.

ActivInspire MCC Digital
ActivInspire Promethean and MCC Digital

You’re up and running, just like that

ActivInspire quickly becomes a natural extension of your own teaching style. Master the interface in minutes. Seamlessly leverage and enhance existing content and resources. Respond to student insights in real time. Runs on any major operating system. We’ll make sure you’re always in command.


Promethean and MCC Digital

Promethean and MCC Digital
Promethean and MCC Digital
Promethean and MCC Digital

Promethean has changed the way we teach. Our teachers love it, the students love it and most of all its made a real impact. From the quality of the screens to the software and support they really are the best. 






Panels installed

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 Learning, transformed.

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