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Our Mission

We aim to evolve the way teaching and learning happens in your school. From former teachers, to experienced consultants, our expert team will make your project a success. We offer a full range of services around the deployment of Apple technology within educational settings large and small. These services range from: products, leadership strategy, device recycling and ensuring the financial sustainability of innovative teaching and learning.
Apple Education | MCC Digital

Why MCC?

As Apple Authorised Education Specialists, we are able to offer high quality products, services and support. Our team work with a variety of different schools, MATS and educational institutions. No matter what your goals, MCC Digital are here to help.

40+ Years

For over 40 years, MCC Digital have been working with schools, colleges and universities to make their vision a reality by building secure foundations.  The unprecedented responsiveness, accessibility and mobility of Mac and iPad is a cornerstone of that reality.

World Class Partners.

We are proud to celebrate our partners. We utilise the great products and services our partners provide and pass great pricing on to our education customers.

Microsoft Partner | MCC Digital
Sphero Partner  | MCC Digital
Newline Partner |  | MCC Digital
Jamf Partner | MCC Digital
Adobe Partner | MCC Digital
Promethean Partner | MCC Digital
Logitech Partner | MCC Digital

Case Studies.

Chorley St James

We continue to support Chorley St James with their vision to deliver excellent teaching to all students using technology. They have ADS status in recognition of their innovative use of iPads to engage children in their learning and to inspire curiosity and creativity. 

Apple Education
Apple Education Specialist

What is MyLearn?

We offer a range of class set bundles at affordable costs to suit your school and teaching needs. Have a look at the MyLearn subject bundles and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to make a query.

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