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A simple to use digital signage platform

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform made for education. As experts, our mission is to build whole school communication, boost community cohesion amongst staff and students, whilst enhancing parental engagement.

What is TrilbyTV?

Why should you use TrilbyTV in your school?


Unlimited Screens for education.

TrilbyTV offer an unlimited screen subscription, letting you connect as many as you like without further costs.

Since any screen can be a digital signage display, you have the flexibility to choose where they should be located. Enhance parental engagement by advertising upcoming school events in the reception area, broadcast daily lunch menus in the dinner hall and why not incorporate interactive classroom screens?

Your content on your screens.

Getting a message to all signage screens quickly is easy with TrilbyTV. When heavy snow is forecast, or there’s a last-minute change to assembly time, go to the TrilbyTV Announce app and broadcast your update around the school in a couple of taps.

Numerous content creation options exist, from standard title slides with images and text to slideshows, real-time web content, 

TrilbyTV 2023 Reseller images18.jpeg

Digital signage making an impact in education

What schools have to say.

"It’s simple to use. I’ve not met a single person yet who can’t use it, and I think the pricing structure is fantastic as well. So chuck all these things together and it’s a win for everybody."

John Jones, Director of Innovation – RGS Worcester Family of Schools


Content catalogue for education.

The content catalogue is a collection of pre-made content and templates from hand-picked partners, ready to use on your digital signage. You can preview items, add them straight to your content feed or download and edit templates before uploading to your own feed.


Getting a message quickly on all signage screens with TrilbyTV is easy. When the snow rolls in, or there’s a last minute change to assembly time, grab the TrilbyTV Announce app and in a couple of taps you can broadcast your critical/important message around your school.


TrilbyTV and AppleTV, the perfect pairing.

TrilbyTV has its own AppleTV app, allowing simple, secure and manageable deployment. Utilising the 4K resolution of AppleTV your content will look better than ever, engagaging and inspiring your students, staff and parents. Visit the app store on the device and search for TrilbyTV Player.
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