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Support is an essential part of what we do at MCC. Businesses require peace of mind that their technology will work consistently and reliably, without downtime or frustration. We have invested heavily in our support services, offering a modern, real time ticketed service for all support queries.

Find out more about our business support services below.


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MCC’s MyCare warranty extends the manufactures warranty by up to 5 years. In the event of your device failing, MCC will send a courier to collect it from you. It will then be repaired by a fully Apple certified MyCare service engineer and returned to you at no cost for complete peace of mind. MyCare is available across all of our product ranges

What are the benefits?

  • UK Coverage

  • Cover up to 5 years

  • Collect & Return

  • 5 Day Turnaround

  • Telephone Diagnostics

  • All Parts & Labour Included

  • No hidden charges


MyCare + Enhance your MyCare coverage against loss, theft or damage with MyCare +

Pre-Sales Consultancy 

At MCC Digital we guide you throughout your experience with us. We listen to your requirements and we ensure you are getting the products and services you need. We offer both remote and onsite support. Below is a list of the pre-sales services we offer. 

  • Deploying Apple in Education workshop 

  • Deploying Apple in Enterprise workshop 

  • Wifi Review (Onsite only) 

  • Bring Your Own Device planning workshop 

  • 1:1 Planning workshop 

  • Deploying Mac workshop 

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iOS and Mac OS: Once you have bought your Apple devices, an MCC Project Manager will get in touch to start discussing the plans for installation. You will be asked to fill out a pre-deployment form so that we can assess build a scope of works, this will be shared with you for your approval. You will also receive an outline of any pre-deployment steps that still need to be completed.  

Once a pre-deployment form has been received the rest of the project will be transparently managed using MCC’s ticket based support system. At each step of the way stakeholders will have a clear understanding of how the project is progressing. 

Wifi: MCC will survey your current wifi network and connection to make sure the potentially large number of new devices will have a great connection. We will also outline any improvements that should be considered.

Remote MDM Support

Support Contracts

With a modern MDM solution and a set of properly deployed Apple devices MCC can resolve most support issues remotely. Customers will have access to our ticket-based support desk allowing them to easily log and track support cases.


Our Technical Services team aims to give an initial response within 8 business hours and our data shows that most iOS support cases are resolved within 24 hours. Where this isn’t possible a time frame will be given to the customer.   

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The MCC Technical Services team is able to offer a wide variety of support agreements. These are built up of a number of components based on what would work best for the customer. Customers with support agreements will get access to our ticket based support system and will be able easily log all support issues; Onsite, Remote, Hardware and software.   


  • Remote MDM Support 

  • Onsite support packs 

  • Regular site visits 

  • OS and patch management 

  • End-User helpdesk access 

  • Other OS Support (Windows) 

  • Loan Equipment while yours is away for repair 

  • Wifi network support 

When deploying Apple products within your child’s school, it is important to understand how Managed Apple IDs support the services that students and staff may need. Managed Apple IDs are accounts designed specifically for schools, they enable students and staff to personalise their device and access key services from Apple. 

Managed Apple IDs are for education purposes only, certain features are disabled to protect the personal information of both students and teachers. Commerce is disabled for Managed Apple IDs, therefore App Store, Apple Books, iTunes and Apple Music purchases are not supported. However, teachers may be given access to purchase apps and books in Apple School Manager for their organisation, if the school grants permission.

Email is not available with Apple School Manager. The Find My iPhone feature is deactivated for Managed Apple IDs. For institution-owned devices, your school can use MDM Lost Mode to find a lost device and play a recovery sound. Services like Apple Pay and Wallet cannot be accessed with a Managed Apple ID. FaceTime and Messages are disabled by default. However, your school may choose to enable them through Apple School Manager.

Many countries and regions have laws that require schools to protect student data and restrict the ways in which it can be used. Managed Apple IDs are designed to help primary and secondary schools (or equivalent) comply with student data privacy requirements. These accounts are built for students of all ages and are intended to make it easy for schools to create and manage accounts at scale.

Jamf Parent can use the power of Mobile Device Management to provide management controls for parents, giving them the ability to limit apps and device functionality. this will also allow you to restrict games, apps and social media, or set up rules that restrict social media use to certain periods of time throughout the day. You can also receive a notification when your child arrives safely at school. Apps and notifications can be turned off whenever the student is riding a bike or walking in traffic (available soon). You will also be able to create custom rules with the simple step-by-step wizard.

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