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Refurbished Devices

from mcc

Our Refurb Store

We are delighted to provide our customers exclusive access to our new sustainable tech stores. Our refurb store offers great deals and an eco-friendly way to buy refurbished devices, trade-in old tech for cashback or to book repairs. The store offers Excellent, Good and Fair grades of device to suit all budgets or requirements.

Save up to 60% buying refurb vs brand-new, prolong the life of your device with our repair service, or generate an instant quote if you wish to sell your old device(s). You can also read our customer reviews, which are testament to the quality of our refurb process. Devices are backed by a 12-month warranty & 30-day moneyback guarantee.

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5 Star Google Reviews

"An excellent service all round from MCC Digital. We get our equipment from MCC and have signed up to their repair service. It's always a fast, efficient, and friendly service - and they're extremely helpful! I'm really glad we switched!"

Why buy refurbished devices?

Buying refurbished helps slow down the production of new devices and the mining of materials which accounts for around 60% of CO2 produced in a device’s lifecycle. In addition you can get cashback on your new devices when you recycle your old devices.


When you recycle your technology with us you will receive a data erasure certificate. Phonecheck Software is used to erase all data from mobile devices using cryptographic and DOD3 level wipe processes which meet government standards. 

Environmental Benefits for Corporate Customers

As well as providing your staff or students with great savings, we track the overall environmental impact per organisation which can provide great evidence for internal ESG or CSR initiatives.

Diagnostic Testing

Our specially designed test process checks over 60 possible device defects with speed, precision and intuitive intelligence. We provide reliability and quality assurance on a per device basis and following each repair.

Contact us

For questions or larger volume requirements, please contact our team to find out more.

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