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Helping leadership discover their schools full potential.

MCC's Leadership Resources are for education leadership to help you make the most out of Apple technology throughout the school. The resources are to be tried and tested so we encourage everyone to get involved. 


MyLearn by MCC was introduced to simplify school and college look at hardware subscriptions, These curated Class-Sets contain not only the iPad but great curriculum supporting tools.

iPad Class-Set

Here at MCC Digital we understand that every classroom is different. Therefore, we can create a custom package to suit your education needs. Your Apple Classroom can be created at a low-cost, monthly subscription.


Example iPad Class-Sets


  • 30 x iPad 10th Generation

  • 30x Insurance Approved Cases 

  • 30 x Jamf School Licences

  • Apple CPD Twilight Session

  • Charging Trolley

  • Device and MDM Deployment

iPad in Education

Professional Learning

Apple Professional Learning programmes run by MCC are delivered by Apple Professional Learning Specialists (APLS) who are teachers with experience of leadership and learning in schools. Apple Professional Learning is more than training, encompassing everything from strategic planning to planning for financial sustainability as the vision for your learning programme grows.

Teacher Support

Allow your teachers to become the best by using Apple's free teacher resources. Apple Learning tools are free recources for teachers and education leadership to help you make the most out of the new devices that will be at the forefront of your lessons.

iPad and Mac


Choosing the right deployment model for your institution is key. It will affect how you deploy additional devices in future, as well as how you support and manage your users and tech. At MCC, we work with you to create a deployment plan that suits your needs.

Through the use of Apple’s latest tools for large scale device deployment, MCC will support and assist the school by utilising Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP). DEP offers a new way to approach device setup and provisioning. Like all Apple products, DEP is focused on delivering world class user experience. As soon as a new device is switched on for the first time, DEP streamlines the activation process and offers automatic device enrolment and configuration. This means that IT staff don’t need to touch the devices in advance of a deployment of this scale. A management payload is prepared in advance and this is automatically deployed as soon as new devices are switched on by students.

MCC can ensure your Apple deployments go smoother than ever before, we pre-package the devices in year-by-year, class-by-class deployment boxes with individual labels. We can also pre-fit cases and screen protectors, saving hours of time for your staff.

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