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Introducing MyWork

Does your business technology need upgrading? Are you in the market for new devices? Do you want to minimise your spending?

MyWork by MCC was created with you, our c
ustomer, in mind. We understand that choosing the right technology to invest in for your business can be a difficult decision. Therefore, we built the perfect solution. But only you know exactly what you need, with some help from us of course.

MyWork offers the newest technology at a low monthly cost. This allows you to get what your business needs without breaking the bank. No matter what you need, MCC ca
n help.
Modern Office

4 Steps, let's get to work.


Find the right device for you.


Source the software to accelerate your work.


Choose accessories to increase efficiency at work.


Pay your way.


Step 1, Mac.

Whether you’re looking for a best-in-class desktop, or ultra-portable laptop, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the advantages of upgrading your Mac today.


Step 2, Software.

Transform how you get things done. The App Store has over 235,000 apps for people at work, and Apple devices are designed with powerful technology that brings out the best in everyone. Work with us to choose the Apps you need, they can come pre-installed on your device, and spread that cost by including it in your MyWork bundle.


Step 3, Accessories.

Ensure you make powerful connections by choosing the right accessories for you. Making this decision now can save you countless hours of productive time. Be the more productive and more efficient sooner rather than later and add them to your MyWork bundle today. 


Step 4, Payment.

Once your MyWork plan is built, spread the cost with low monthly payments for 12, 24 or 36 months. When it's time to upgrade you don't have to worry about any surprise payments, simply choose the latest tech for your upgrade. We use a variety of lenders to ensure we can create the perfect MyWork bundle at a price that suits you. 


MyWork Lease

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