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Accessibility and MCC Digital - Education is for everyone. 

Apple technology breaks down barriers and enables individuals with SEN to learn in a way that is tailored to work for them. A combination of multimedia materials; animation with narration, to images with text imbedded, are providing a multitude of benefits. These less formal ways of working and conversational learning are proving effective not just in the SEN space, but in mainstream education via interactive learning methodologies. This helps integrate those with SEN into the classroom

At MCC we pride ourselves on providing our schools, teachers and students with the best possible training to ensure an equal learning environment. We can provide bespoke SEN training delivered by one of our Apple Professional Learning Specialists (APLS) which can empower both teachers and learners alike.

Take a look at some of the featured accessibility features below.



Enlarge what’s on screen. Choose full-screen view or picture-in-picture view, which shows the magnified area in a separate window while the rest of the screen stays the same.

Voice Over

This industry-leading screen reader gives audible descriptions of what’s on screen to help students navigate using a Bluetooth® keyboard or simple gestures on a touchscreen.

Set up VoiceOver on:

Accessibility and Apple | MCC Digital


Live Listen

Live Listen is an assistive listening feature that helps you have better conversations in loud places. Just turn on the feature and move your device towards the people you’re talking to.

Set up Live Listen on:

Accessibility and Apple | MCC Digital

Sound Recognition

Sound Recognition listens for certain sounds and uses on‑device intelligence to notify you when they are detected. 

Set up on:

Accessibility and Apple | MCC Digital


Voice Control

This feature lets students navigate and interact with iPad by using their voice to tap, swipe, type and more

Accessibility and Apple | MCC Digital

Set up Voice Control on:


Dictation lets you talk wherever you would type. It’s easy to type an email, notes or a web address — without typing at all. Tap the microphone button on the onscreen keyboard, or turn on Dictation through the Accessibility settings in System Settings on your Mac.

Set up Dictation on:

Accessibility and Apple | MCC Digital


Focus Modes

With Focus, it’s even easier to home in on what’s most important to you. Activate different Focus areas like Do Not Disturb, Work or Sleep to silence device notifications that may disturb or distract you in the moment. A streamlined setup for Focus lets you select the apps or people you want to receive notifications from by either allowing or silencing them

Set up Focus on:

Accessibility and Apple | MCC Digital

Background Sounds

Everyday sounds can be uncomfortable or annoying. Background sounds help minimise distractions and increase your sense of focus, calmness and rest to the tune of distant rain or ocean waves. Choose from balanced, bright or dark noise, or ocean, rain and stream sounds to continuously play in the background and mask excess environmental or external noise.

Set up Background Sounds on:

Apple and Accesibility | MCC Digital

Get more out of your device with MCC Digital

If you have seen any features above that you would like more information on please feel free to reach out to one of our experts today. Together we can create better, equal learning opportunities for our students.

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