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Showbie is the digital learning app designed for iPads that empowers educators to personalise teaching and learning. 

All your teaching and learning essentials from instruction to assessment, feedback and communication in one easy-to-use app.

What is Showbie?

How can Showbie help you?

Personalise teaching and learning.

Showbie gives educators flexibility and complete creative control to engage every student in the way they need best, to share better feedback faster, and empower their entire community at every stage of the learning journey.

Share Any Fill Format

Tools to inspire your students.

  • Teach using any file format and empower every learner to demonstrate their learning in the way that works best for them.

  • Share personalised, contextual feedback and assess student understanding in real-time to tailor the learning journey for every student.

  • Engage every learner more deeply and more equitably.

  • Simple and secure hybrid learning tools for everyone

The entire student learning journey, all in one place

  • From instruction and independent practice to feedback and assessment, Showbie brings the entire classroom workflow into one simple-to-use app.

  • Engage families with features tailored for timely communication that support student learning at home

  • Digital portfolios capture learning over time to share with families, students and school leaders

  • Integrated assessment reports combined with class and assignment-level progress tracking empower teachers to tailor next steps and guide student learning

  • Access to custom analytics and insights for school and trust leaders


Empower every teacher and every student to reach their potential 

​Showbie brings personalisation, continuity, and consistency, to the entire learning journey, helping you improve the quality of teaching and learning on iPad across your organisation. With Showbie, every teacher and every student has the opportunity to reach their potential, enabling you to realise your vision for learning on iPad and helping you maximise your technology investment.


Better Together:
Apple + Showbie + Jamf

Whether you’re already using iPads in the classroom, or you’re considering new devices to take teaching and learning further, make the most of your investment in classroom technology by combining Showbie and Jamf.


Combine the best tool for classroom device management with the most effective all-in-one digital learning app designed for K-12 educators to facilitate feedback and personalise learning, igniting creativity and engagement with every student. 


Accelerate your digital transformation and make the most of your technology investment with a complete solution that has the highest impact on teaching and learning.

MCC Digital and Showbie

iPad in education
iPad in education
iPad in education

“Showbie has become a vital component in our move towards utilising mobile technology (iPad) to enhance and drive the teaching and learning at St James’. It is a superb workflow solution for both teachers, support staff and children: it provides a secure place for children’s work and gives the teacher’s a way to distribute resources electronically and give valuable feedback on work. It has changed the way we work without our school!”
- Andrew Clarke, Chorley St James Primary School


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