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Modern Slavery

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This statement sets out MCC Digital's actions in understanding all potential modern slavery risks related to the business and to put in place steps that are aimed at ensuring there is no slavery or human trafficking in its own business or its supply chains.​At MCC we are committed to the highest level of ethical standards and integrity in our approach to driving out acts of modern day slavery and human trafficking within our business and from within our supply chains, including subcontractors and our partners. We acknowledge our responsibility to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure transparency within our company and with our suppliers of goods and services to the company. 

MCC Digital will not support or deal with any business knowingly involved in slavery or human trafficking and our company directors and management team will take responsibility for implementing this policy and its objectives and shall provide adequate resources and investment to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within the organisation and our supply chains. 


MCC Digital have a zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery or human trafficking.

Statement from MCC Digital concerning the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Environmental Policy

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By this policy MCC Ltd recognises its responsibility towards the continuous protection of the environment, and issues this statement as a commitment of both management and employees to minimising the environmental impact of its operations.

We are committed to do all we can to comply with and, where possible, to better codes, consents and directives issued as local, national and European directives and to ensure that all of our activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices.

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Community Investment Strategy


We believe that in aligning ourselves with a key charity partner we can offer a much more effective level of support than would be possible with a less strategic approach.


In working primarily with one carefully chosen charity partner with an obvious affinity to MCC community and business activities, we hope to ensure the buy in and support of employees, directors, customers and all other stakeholders. We will also develop long-term partnerships with other relevant charitable organisations. MCC will review all charity partnerships on an annual basis.


Whilst we have much to offer our partners in the way of financial support, assistance in kind and access to volunteers, we also recognise that our partners have much to offer us. They can offer benefits to our employees as outlined above, links to the local communities in which we operate and information and advice on strategic issues with which they are concerned. 

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

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MCC is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner, and is committed to implementing and enforcing systems that ensure bribery is prevented. MCC has zero-tolerance for bribery and corrupt activities. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships. 

MCC will constantly uphold all laws relating to anti-bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. We are bound by the laws of the UK, including the Bribery Act 2010, regarding our conduct both at home and abroad.


MCC recognizes that bribery and corruption are punishable by up to ten years of imprisonment and a fine. If our company is discovered to have taken part in corrupt activities, we may be subjected to an unlimited fine, be excluded from tendering for public contracts, and face serious damage to our reputation. It is with this in mind that we commit to preventing bribery and corruption in our business, and take our legal responsibilities seriously. 

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Health and Safety Policy

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 The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 imposes substantial duties on all employers and employees in respect of health and safety at work. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, extend and make specific these duties. It is the duty of all to comply with the Act and Regulations. 

The Company being the Employer recognises and accepts its responsibility to conduct operations in a manner that will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of employees, customers and others. It is also willing to comply with all relevant laws and to co-operate with those responsible for enforcing them. The Company is committed to the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision necessary for the implementation of this policy. 

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Safeguarding Policy

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 MCC acknowledges its duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. MCC is committed to ensuring that its safeguarding practice reflects both its statuary responsibilities and government guidance. 

MCC safeguarding policy recognises that the welfare of children and vulnerable adults are paramount at all times and aims to ensure that regardless of age, sex, disability, race or religion, all children are protected from abuse whilst in contact with any MCC employees be that on MCC’s premises or elsewhere. 

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Supply Chain Policy

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It is the policy of the management of MCC in accordance with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, to recognise the impact of its purchasing and distribution activities and decisions upon the local, regional and global community and environment.

As a responsible and connected corporate citizen, MCC Ltd is committed to continuous improvements in ethical purchasing and supply. MCC Ltd seeks to demonstrate active leadership in supply chain activities, and inspire its partners to do the same, such that human rights, labour standards and environmental laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards for the Company’s whole supply chain performance.

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Privacy &

Data Protection

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Micro Computer Consultants Ltd (MCC) has measures in place to protect rights of, and the personal information that we hold for individuals and organisations. 


We work hard to comply with all relevant laws including the UK Data Protection Act (1998) and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) introduced in May 2018. We maintain internal data protection and privacy policies on which all our staff are trained to ensure that we meet our obligations under these laws. Additionally, we seek contractual commitments from all third party data processors to which we provide personal information for the day-to-day transaction of our business and marketing activities, to ensure that they meet or exceed the standards that we apply. 


We review and change our policies and processes regularly to ensure that we continue to meet any changing demands of the applicable laws. 


We encourage our staff to be vigilant and to reports to the Directors any suspected non-compliance with our policies, and are committed to taking actions whenever these reports are made.

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Sustainability Policy

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Vision and Goals 

MCC is committed to addressing environmental sustainability. 

In order to implement this vision the following goals have been developed: 

Goal 1: Evaluate our use of energy, water and waste generation and take action to meet and, where possible, exceed targets determined by the Government 

Goal 2: To lead by example with the promotion and demonstration of environmental sustainability values.


Goal 3: Educate our staff and partners on sustainable issues. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility 

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 As a responsible provider of professional services we believe that the long-term future of the MCC Digital is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders: employees, partners, clients, suppliers and the wider community. We look actively for opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of the local community and society as a whole. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy sets out the principles we follow and the programmes we have developed to focus on the areas where we have significant impact or influence. 

 Basic standards of conduct We will conduct our business with openness and integrity. We will not make promises above those which we reasonably foresee we can deliver. We will not offer, give, seek or receive, either directly or indirectly, inducements or other improper advantages for business or financial gain and no employee may offer, seek, give or receive any gift or payment which is, or could be, construed as such. Our Anti-Bribery policy provides more information on our stance in this regard. 

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GDPR Compliance Statement

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 We are committed to the principles of the GDPR by adopting the concept of ‘data privacy by design’ within our operational model. We remain accountable by having detailed policies and systems in place as well as a Data Protection Officer to oversee our overall compliance to data protection regulations including the management of access rights requests. Our policies are regularly reviewed and updated, and our staff are periodically trained on data protection and security throughout the year. 

Transparency, Fairness and Lawfulness: We process data with data subjects’ interests in mind and ensure that we approach processing activities with transparency to maintain fairness in what we do. This way we can be sure that we are processing data lawfully. We have a robust process in place to allow us to deal efficient with any access requests we may receive. 

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Mental Health Policy

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 A mentally healthy workplace is one where employees and management collaborate to protect and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of all. Establishing and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace involves continually monitoring health, safety and wellbeing concerns in and due to, the working environment. MCC recognises that mental health is as important as physical wellbeing. 

MCC takes its responsibility towards mental health very seriously and is committed to identifying any issues as soon as possible and working with the individuals to resolve them. It strives to maintain a healthy environment that employees feel comfortable, safe and happy to work in and will fully support all employees faced with mental health issues. 

As well as being the right thing to do, it also makes sound business sense as having a happier, mentally healthy workforce has many benefits for employees and the company as a whole. 

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Complaints Proceedure

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MCC Digital Ltd is committed to providing a quality service and working in an open and accountable way that builds trust and respect. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve our service is by listening and responding to the views of our customers, and in particular by responding positively to complaints, and by putting mistakes right. 


This policy ensures that we welcome compliments and provide guidelines for dealing with complaints from members of the public about our services, facilities, staff and volunteers.


Definitions A compliment is an expression of satisfaction about the standard of service we provide. A complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction, however, it is expressed. This would include complaints expressed face to face, via a phone call, in writing, via email or any other method.


All staff should have sufficient knowledge to be able to identify an “expression of dissatisfaction” even when the word “complain” or “complaint” is not used. Responsibilities MCC Digital’s responsibility will be to: - acknowledge the formal complaint in writing; - respond within a stated period of time; - deal reasonably and sensitively with the complaint; and take action where appropriate. 

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Code of Conduct

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As an employee, you are responsible to behave appropriately at work. We outline our expectations here. We can’t cover every single case of conduct, but we trust you to always use your best judgement. Reach out to your manager or HR if you face any issues or have any questions.

The downloadable document details the behaviour we expect from our employees. 


  • Dress code

  • Cyber security and digital devices

    • Internet usage

    • Cell phone

    • Corporate email

    • Social media

  • Conflict of interest

  • Employee relationships

    • Fraternisation

  • Workplace visitors

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