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Mac in Education

Mac in Education

Bring the power and efficiency of Mac to your school.

Mac can help boost creativity in Music with Logic Pro or take everyday tasks to the next level with Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Explore how Mac continues to drive innovation, collaboration and success in education. 

Mac Family

Why Mac in Education?

Our team have answered some of your most asked questions about Mac.

Isn't Mac too expensive for schools?

Hear from Richard Child why Mac is the most sustainable option for schools who are looking to invest in the future of their learners. 

Spread the cost over 3-4 years with a flexible subscription.

25% residual value after 4 years

Can we use the same apps?

Mac works great with the apps your school already uses every day! From microsoft office 365 to Google Classroom, Mac has been built to integrate perfectly into your existing infrastructure and not disrupt teaching or learning.

Switch to Mac and explore thousands of new apps.

Save teaching time and use all the apps you know and love.

Does Mac work better with iPad?

Mac is a great device for taking your iPad projects to the next level. It's intuitive to use and work can be shared between both devices with ease.

Intuitive menu and app navigation

Share content seamlessly between devices.

How can we get the most out of Mac?

The Apple Education Community is an online library of fantastic lesson plans and creative teaching ideas. The forum is a collaborative space where teachers from all over the world can ask questions and give feedback to others.

Get involved with the Apple education community today.

Navigate through existing lesson plans and explore new ideas

How do we utilise in person training?

MCC Digital work with a number of APLS (Apple Professional Learning Specialists) to enhance your teaching and learning goals through technology. From learning how to code an app or simply utilizing built in accessibility features, they can help ensure your staff are ready to teach on Mac.

Collaborate with teachers accredited by Apple

Entire curriculum support.

How do I manage Mac in education?

Managing Mac in education has never been easier. With Jamf Pro administrators can deploy apps, change settings and ensure all the devices are secure from one dashboard. Teachers can also decide which apps they need for an upcoming lesson and download them, removing the need for intervention from IT.

Switch to Mac with MCC Digital and save on IT services 

Save teaching time with pre-installed apps

Latest Mac Models


Apps that help you put the 
power of technology to work.
In and out of class.

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Number app icon


Keynote app icon


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Swift Playgrounds

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Get MCC Digital's Mac Lab Subscription from £311 per month

iPad and Mac in Education Results.

Download the report
Mac Family

Bespoke Solutions, just for you.

Each Mac subscription is custom built for you and your school. The right accessories, apps, charging solutions and training can be combined to suit your needs. Speak to a Mac specialist today and invest in the future of your learners with Mac and MCC Digital. Explore more below.

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