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Developing STEM Skills For Sustainability

Twin's applications and hands-on kits help children explore SDGs and prototype solutions for sustainability.

Can twin prepare your pupils for the future?

Purpose-Led Lesson Plans

Twin Science develops student’s STEAM skills through Sustainable Development Goals and prepares them for the green jobs of the future. Twin’s award-winning digital and physical products are used by more than 3,500 schools across the world. 

Twin Science Partner

Playful Platform

  • Eliminates the need of pushing students for learning

  • Creates an organic gamified experience

  • Helps children develop social and emotional skills*

  • Enables students to be involved at their own pace

  • Supports teacher to reduce unnecessary effort

Twin Science | MCC Digital

Project‐Based Learning

  • Supportive to the Twin app with hands-on projects

  • Comes with all the necessary instructions

  • Easy & safe usage with minimal supervision

  • Compatible with LEGO® building blocks

  • Adaptable with Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Twin Science Reseller | MCC Digital

We're delighted to be able to offer a wide range from our partners Twin Science, if you think this could make a difference in your classroom's get in touch today.

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