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Peace of mind protection.

MCC Digital know that accidents happen. While every slip or drop involving a school-owned tablet device can't be prevented, rugged tablet cases and accessories are designed to keep devices safe in the hands of any student.

How can OtterBox protect your investment?

School tablets are a costly investment. But the cost of keeping technology in the classroom is even higher when those devices aren’t properly protected. Accidents happen. It’s only a matter of time before devices are dropped, dinged, or even stepped on.


That’s why OtterBox's DROP+ protective cases are precision designed to not only protect devices from dirt, dust and other debris, but they are also dropped, scuffed, tumbled, scorched, scratched (and more!) until we know for sure they are ready for the classroom.

iPad in education

Protective cases and screen protectors are an added up-front cost when buying or leasing devices for your school, but the long-term savings and cost control will significantly reduce device repair costs while extending the average lifespan of your school-owned tablets. But don’t take our word for it - have a look at the cold, hard facts for yourself.



tablets damaged

Approximately 30% of all tablets are damaged in schools every year



average repair cost

The average cost for tablet repair can cost £395 / €450 or more, depending on the device



typical deductible

The typical deductible for insured tablets is £41

The MCC Digital and OtterBox Impact.

MCC and Otterbox share important key values and offer services and products with Sustainability, Affordability and Durability in mind. The Education first solutions offered by MCC Digital's Experienced Education team look to protect your schools investment and ensure longevity throughout all of your projects. Our partnership with OtterBox is key to this, they continue to push boundaries by using sustainable materials throughout their product line and their protective case solutions always ensure your valuable equipment is protected.

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Contact MCC and let us know you want OtterBox in your school.

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Our team of experts will find the best OtterBox product for you.

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Receive your brand new OtterBox cases, your devices are safe!

"OtterBox was recommended to us by MCC for our SEN Coordinator as the number of our devices being damaged by students had increased. Since switching to OtterBox we've not had a single broken iPad! We had some samples sent out too, so choosing the correct case was easy for us."


In every classroom


iPad for 

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OtterBox for Education.

OtterBox is known for its market-leading mobile device protection. Every OtterBox case is put through more than 24 rigorous tests. Schools have trusted OtterBox for more than 25 years, which is why there are more than 17,000 OtterBox cases being used by schools in the UK.

Defender Kickstand

iPad 9th Generation

React Folio Series


iPad 9th Generation

Defender Series


iPad 10th Generation (2022)

Defender Series


iPad 10th Generation (2022)

Symmetry Folio


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