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Logitech products are built to withstand the rigors of student life—desk drops, backpack jumbles, stickiness, and more. We uniquely design our products and packaging to support both the end users and school IT needs.
Logitech Education


Logitech solutions empower students with the educational tools they need for enhanced focus, stamina, and creativity. The right solutions let students learn and collaborate more effectively, and enable superior education outcomes.


Logitech solutions support educators in the pursuit of connecting with students and driving engagement. We seek to extend the possibilities of teaching and approaches that resonate with students. 

Logitech Education
Logitech Education


Logitech understands schools. That’s why we make things simple—our solutions are flexible enough to work across different spaces, platforms, and the most commonly used devices in schools. Quick, intuitive plug-and-play makes compatibility simple.

The Apple Classroom, Logitech and MCC Digital

With over 40 years of Apple history MCC Digital have specialist experience deploying both Apple devices and best in class accessories. Logitech have over a decade of collaboration with Apple and bring innovative educational tools that work seamlessly with iPad devices and other Apple products, enhancing the experience for students and teachers alike.

MCC Switch

Contact MCC to discuss the best logitech solution for your school.

MCC Switch

Decide and deploy the solution across your school.

MCC Switch

Receive best in class after-sales support from MCC & logitech

"We saw a huge difference in productivity when we switched our iPad keyboards over to Logitech, they're more hard wearing and the children prefer them to the traditional ones we used before. It's made teaching more comfortable and taken away the worry of them breaking or disconnecting during class."


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Logitech Education and MCC Digital
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