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iPad in Education

iPad. Power to take learning anywhere

Students and teachers love iPad in the classroom. It’s versatile enough for everyday subjects like maths, English and social studies, as well as ambitious lesson plans that include coding and AR. It’s perfectly portable with all-day battery life.

Why iPad in Education?

Unrivalled Versatility

iPad empowers students and teachers to learn and teach where, when, and how they want to. With

built-in tools for creativity and collaboration, iPad can become anything they need it to be: a camera,

a recording studio, a notebook, a sketchbook, and much more. 


How to utilise iPad's versatility

With 'Everyone Can Create' Projects teachers can create engaging learning experiences using iPad. Each project includes simple tutorials and downloadable resources to inspire new ideas and bring creativity to any subject.

Seamless Compatibility

iPad offers your school a complete ecosystem of hardware, apps and services for education — all working together to support educators and deeply engage students. iPad is compatible with all the apps and workflows students depend on — Microsoft Office, Google Workspace for Education and more — but with the added ease of a touch interface


iPad works with your schools existing systems

With federated authentication in Apple School Manager, it’s
now easier than ever to integrate iPad and Mac into your existing environment using your school’s Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials.


Accessible for all.

Every iPad comes with a range of built-in accessibility features. So all students and teachers can use iPad right out of the box to learn and create in ways that work best for them. Because technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone. 

211216_EDU-LifeStyleShoot-London_MJ_w0026783 (1).jpeg

How does iPad create an accessible environment?

Explore the Apple Education Community to see how real teachers around the world utilise iPad's built-in accessibility features to create an equitable learning experience in their schools for teachers and learners alike. 

Built to last.

iPad is incredibly thin and weighs about a pound, so it’s light enough to move wherever learning is happening. It features a durable aluminium unibody construction that’s built to handle the rigours of daily student use. And with an enclosure made from 100 percent recycled aluminium, iPad is also better for the environment. 


Great build quality means great residual value.

iPad is the chosen device of schools looking for a more affordable and sustainable technology programme, the great residual value of iPad means better value and a sustainable lifecycle for your school. 


Latest iPad Models


Apps that help you put the 
power of technology to work.
In and out of class.

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Swift Playgrounds

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Get MCC Digital's iPad Class Set 
from £1.98 Per Pupil Per Week!

iPad and Mac.

Impressive Results. Wherever you look.

Haslingden High School | MCC Digital

“iPads are a trigger for change”

...OFSTED praised Haslingden for their use of iPad and robust assessment systems. With a key focus on feedback retrieval practice, and low stakes assessment tools like Socrative, Quilt and Kahoot being key features of many lessons, Haslingden have opened up teaching strategies that would not be possible unless every child had their own device....

Bespoke Solutions, just for you.

Every school is unique and that's why every Apple deployment is too. From choosing the right device for students, selecting your mobile device management solution and finding the perfect CPD schedule to inspire your staff. We're here to make your vision a reality.

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