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Booking a Repair

Did you know we offer a repair service?

Our repair service is available for a range of products from any Apple device such as iPad, iPhone, and Mac, to any other products. Whether your device has water damage, a battery fault, a cracked screen, or scratches, simply book your repair today and MCC will aim to have your device repaired and returned within 2 weeks.


MyCare is a warranty that we provide to you. It extends the manufactures warranty by up to 5 years. If your device(s) malfunctions at any point, MCC will send a courier to collect it from you for us to repair.

It will be repaired by a fully Apple Certified MyCare service engineer and returned back to you for no extra cost. The MyCare warranty is available to purchase across our range of products.

Preparing your device

No matter what device you have booked in to get repaired by MCC, it is so important to back up your device to protect against any data loss. We do also ask for you to turn off ‘Find My’ service as this can stop us from being able to repair your device.

How it works

Once you have booked your repair, MCC

will send a courier to come and collect the

device from you.

Your device will be brought to our service centre

where it will be repaired by a fully Apple

certified engineer.

Your device will then be returned

back to you looking brand new.

Book your repair today to have your device back with you within 2 weeks looking better than ever.

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