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"Don’t be scared to make mistakes, the learning makes you stronger" - Hannah Markham: International Women's Day 2024.

We sat down with one of our current apprentices Hannah, to talk everything #IWD24.

Hannah is currently studying for an apprenticeship in Business administration and has spent the past year working within MCC Digital's IT Services team. Within this role Hannah has been tasked with looking after Education and Business repairs, helping build the new and innovative service 'FastTrack' alongside managing relationships with repair centres and couriers.

At only 20, Hannah is well on her way to establishing a career in IT and has already been offered a full time position within the team. Having worked closely with senior stakeholders and large courier networks Hannah has adapted quickly and will continue to drive the new services forward with her skillset.


1. What is your proudest achievement?

"My proudest achievement is securing my current apprenticeship at MCC Digital, I started this apprenticeship in February 2023 and since then I have been offered a full-time job role all whilst still studying for my apprenticeship which I am very proud of. MCC Digital was recently recognised as Warrington & Vale Royal College’s Small-Medium employer of the year."

2. What role has education played in your life?

"Education has played a huge role in my life. I gained 8 GCSEs in high school which allowed me to get into the college I wanted to attend. After college, I started my apprenticeship at MCC Digital as I had decided I did not want to attend University. Life as an apprentice is very different from other forms of higher education as you spend a large proportion of your week working whilst also studying at the same time, which has allowed me to learn on the job. I am due to complete this apprenticeship in the summer of 2024. I think it’s important that people know what options are available to them, not everyone needs to follow the same route."

3. Why do you think equality in the workplace is so important?

"Equality in the workplace is important to me as it makes me feel more comfortable within the role and more inspired.  It makes everyone feel included and can help bring success into the workplace as you are encouraged and inspired by those around you. 


Equality and diversity in the workplace will encourage more people to feel more welcome in certain industries, this can add new and unexpected talent to the team which can help you develop as a person and a business. Everyone should have the opportunity to do any job they are passionate about."

4. Have you faced any barriers in life because you are a woman? And how did you overcome them? 

"Fortunately, I have been lucky enough not to have faced any barriers due to being a woman.  I feel this is due to being brought into a diverse and equal team at MCC Digital where I feel included and welcomed."

5. What is the most important piece of advice you have been given?

"The most important piece of advice I have been given is ‘Don’t be scared to make mistakes, the learning makes you stronger’. My mum has always said this to me and as I have grown up and started my career, I have started to realise this more and more. You should never be afraid to make a mistake as mistakes can help you learn more."

6. If you could give one piece of advice to a young woman who's thinking about a career in tech, what would it be?  

"Recognise and pursue your passions, do whatever you feel passionate about and never give up even if there are pushbacks along the way. If you ever feel discriminated against, come forward and address it as it should never be accepted by anyone and look past all the stereotypes and be the change we need in Tech."

7. How can we, collectively in the U.K, encourage more young women to take up careers in tech? 

"We can encourage this through education and having different routes into careers in tech available to women. This could be having more apprenticeships in tech available to women, such as the apprenticeship I am currently doing. Having more apprenticeships available in these tech roles makes it accessible and encouraging to women to start careers within these tech roles. 


Another way we can encourage this is by offering more subjects relating to tech in school, as most schools will only offer computer science but there is a whole variety of tech related things that are not covered by computer science which people may be more interested in and this could eventually lead to a career in tech for more women."

8. Who is the most influential woman in your life?

"The most influential woman in my life is my mum, she is my biggest supporter in my life and my inspiration. My mum has always believed in me and been confident I will do well, she inspires me to ensure I am successful in life so I am able to make her proud and give back to her."

9. If you could have dinner with three inspirational women, dead or alive, who would they be and why? 

"My first choice would be my mum, she is my biggest inspiration and my role model, she has taught me everything in life and sacrificed many things for me to ensure I live happily. My mum has shown me unconditional love and she inspires me to be successful and taught me if I want anything I will have to work for it myself. 


Second would be my great-great grandma – Although I do not know who she is, our family history forms a huge part of who we are and has impacted who I am. I would love the opportunity to have dinner with her to hear about the history of my family, about her life journey and how different it is to life nowadays.  


Finally, Adele. I would have dinner with Adele because she is one of my favourite artists and has been authentic throughout her career. She has had so many life experiences and would have so many inspiring stories and words of wisdom to share. She has shown it is okay to be vulnerable and raw with people as she shows this through her music, and she has always embraced imperfection."


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