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Recycle with MCC and Receive

“There is no such thing as away, when we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”

At MCC, we strongly believe in the importance of recycling and its benefits. It’s so easy to recycle household waste such as water bottles and cereal boxes, in fact, paper and cardboard are the most recycled items in the UK. The more we recycle the more we help the planet. That’s why we started our very own recycling service.

So, why recycle technology?

Recycling old technology is important for several reasons, the main reason being that it saves energy. Electronics contain precious metals which can be extracted and reused to create new products. Gold, aluminium and copper are just a few examples. It’s energy efficient, and lowers the amount of harmful chemicals that are exposed when tech is just thrown away.

Another amazing benefit is that recycling prevents pollution to the environment. It works similarly to a chain reaction. With the new products being created, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves natural resources. These natural resources are needed to create new devices, which means raw materials must be extracted from the Earth. This extraction process has a negative impact on the environment, which is something we need to protect. Not to mention the toxic waste piling up on landfills. Recycling your products can be a huge help in preventing this, not only does it protect our earth, but it also helps you.

Recycle through MCC:

Why would you want old gadgets you no longer use cluttering up your business or school? Recycle them through MCC! We want to do our bit for the Earth. It doesn’t matter the model or condition; we can turn your product into something good for both you and our planet.

Check out our Trade in Top up deals to see how your old tech can help you upgrade to a new Mac.

Ready to do your bit?

To find out more about any of these services, please get in touch with us by clicking the button below. We’d be happy to help and find a deal that’s best for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for another blog post coming very soon, which will go into more detail about how MCC’s recycling services work and the specifics of the process.


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