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Meet the Professional – Matt Fleming

Meet Matt Fleming, MCC Digital’s IT Services Manager. Our customers require peace of mind that their technology will work consistently and reliably, that’s why Matt and his team of IT Technicians work hard to provide expert support.

We have invested heavily in our support services, offering a modern, real-time ticketed service for all support queries, as well as ensuring that our hardware repair partners are able to return your repaired device to you as quickly as possible.

Read more about Matt’s experience below:

How many years have you worked at MCC Digital?

"I’ve worked at MCC Digital for 18 years and I’ve enjoyed every moment.”

What responsibilities do you have?

"In my role as IT Services Manager, I lead our team of technicians and customer support staff. I book customers support sessions and assist with any support tickets that need to be escalated. Alongside this, I handle customer project management, contract management and management of our internal IT needs.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

"My average day usually consists of meetings with customers and suppliers to work through customer projects. I spend my free time responding to emails and monitoring the support desk to ensure our customers are receiving high levels of support.”

How would you describe your experience at MCC Digital so far?

“I’ve seen the company go through a lot of changes and grow over the years, and it’s been great to be a part of that transformation and change”.

What is your favourite part about your job?

“Project and Change Management are two aspects of my job that I really enjoy. Pulling all the various aspects of an internal or customer project together into something that can be worked and delivered on time and to a high standard is very interesting to me.”

What do you want to achieve at MCC Digital this year?

“I’d love to see our IT Services team grow, it’s always great to hear fresh ideas and meet people with different experiences and specialisms. Internally, we are working to improve many of our systems and processes, delivering on this with the help of my colleagues will be a great achievement.”

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Matt said, “Life with a toddler is busy but when I do have some free time, you’ll usually find me playing a board game with family and friends. I’m also involved in running a charity that offers summer youth camps for children. I usually try to attend at least one of the camps each year.”

If you want to get in touch with Matt about any IT enquiries or about joining his team, contact him today: 01925 420136 or visit the website to discover our full range of support services:


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