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Benefits of working a 4-day workweek

What is a four-day workweek?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Recent studies have found there to be many benefits of working four days per week instead of the traditional five. As a business we care about our employees wellbeing so we’ve decided to give it a go.

What are the benefits?

1.Increase Productivity

Thats right, working four days per week can increase employee productivity. This is because employees will have more time to themselves for the three days they are off so when they return to work feeling well rested and refreshed for the week ahead meaning, they will get much more work done. It’s a win-win for employers and employees.

2.Reduce Carbon Footprint

A four-day workweek can help improve the carbon footprint around your area. In a time when climate change and emissions are top of mind, a smaller carbon footprint is a good benefit. Less people driving to work is always a positive for not only for the environment but employers and employees as it reduces monthly petrol costs.

3.Better Employee Engagement

Having a three day weekend can lead to happier and more committed employees. Employees are less likely to be stressed as they have plenty of time to be resting and having time to themselves. This will allow employees to return to work feeling ready to take on any challenge.

We at MCC Digital, have decided to kick start the new year with our very own four-day working week trial. The trial will be until the end of May to make sure that this way of work is best for us as a business and a team. The office will, of course, remain open for the 5 days as normal but, not every employee will be in every day. Everyone is excited to start this four- day workweek and see how it helps us develop as a business.

NOTE: MCC Digital will be open for business 5 days a week, employees will work their four day week on rotation there is only one staff member off at a time from each department for the five days the business is open for.


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