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Jamf: the standard for managing and securing devices at work.

A complete solution for device management, user identity and security..
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Why choose Jamf

Manage devices

• Zero-touch deployment
• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Application management
• Inventory management
• Self Service: company-owned app catalogue

Secure endpoint and network access

• Endpoint protection
• Threat prevention and remediation
• Content filtering and safe internet
• Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
• Security visibility and compliance

Why Jamf

•Same-day Apple OS support for every macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS release
• Industry-specific apps and workflows to meet your exact needs
• Free virtual training catalog containing hundreds
of training modules
• Hundreds of free and robust integrations with tech solutions and platforms
• Ideal solution to support an employee choice program
• Proven ROI by reducing costs for ongoing device management and time spent on IT helpdesk tickets, improving user experience and mitigating risk to data, devices and users

•Automate device enrollment, iPad and Mac deployment and app configuration in schools so students are equipped with the learning resources they need the minute they turn on their device.

Jamf is trusted by 71,000+ businesses, schools and hospitals, managing and securing over 30 million devices to maximize their tech initiatives. With Jamf you can manage all of your Apple devices and secure them to stay protected against security threats. Security for mobile devices is now expanded to ensure the same solution is available to Android.


Jamf Depolyment

Provide your end users with a fully customizable onboarding experience. Provision and deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV devices seamlessly with the customized workflows.

Jamf Self Service

Self Service
Give your users access to a one-stop shop for trusted apps, company resources and shortcuts for troubleshooting tasks like pasword resets. Jamf Self Service — a fully customizable, on-demand app store that you control

Jamf App Management
App Management 
Streamline app management with bulk purchasing and deployment. Jamf Pro integrates with Apple Business Manager allowing you to assign apps to users or devices
Jamf Security
Secure Apple devices by leveraging native security features. Manage device settings and configurations, restrict malicious software and patch your Apple devices without user interaction or physical access to the device.
Jamf Enterprise

User productivity maximized.

Jamf in your business

Jamf Pro is designed to automate device management for you while driving end-user productivity and creativity. As the standard for Apple management, this enterprise software leverages native Apple technology to preserve the Apple experience end users know and love and empower IT professionals.

Jamf Products

Jamf Connect

Identity, authentication and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
Users can easily authenticate to their Mac, mobile device and access to resources through a seamless experience with just a single set of cloud-based identity credentials. If your users would be more productive with one password and identity to access everything they need, or if you want to replace legacy enterprise VPN and conditional access workflows, there is no better solution for Apple and non-Apple devices than Jamf Connect.

Jamf Protect

Endpoint security, modern mobile threat defense and content filtering plus data usage policies
If protecting users, devices and company data from Mac  security threats is your goal, you can implement Jamf  Protect without any interference to the user experience for  employees in businesses or students and teachers at schools.  You can also get insights into what content is accessed on  company devices and how much mobile data is being used,  which can then be used to enforce data policies and block  access to unwanted content. Jamf Protect is purpose-built  for Apple but offers the same protection to mobile devices  running Android or Windows.

Jamf Business

Get in touch today, and speak with one of our Jamf experts.

At MCC we pride ourselves on offering a complete service and whilst we encourage our Jamf users to engage in some of the great Jamf training available, we understand that your time is important, that's why when purchasing Jamf through mcc we retain the ability to manage your Jamf account remotely. Giving you the option to come to us whenever there might be an issue you cannot resolve. 

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