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The school work closely with us, their chosen Apple Authorised Education Specialist, we provide the iPads and the various other technologies that help to ensure that the 1:1 scheme  and Parental Contribution Scheme is successful. 

1-2-1 Deployment

Almost 10 years ago, Haslingden High School began to investigate different emerging technologies that could make an impact on learning in the classroom. A team of champions, backed by the school leadership, began trialing various devices. They looked at the device capabilities, the availability of software and apps that could have a real impact on learning, portability of the devices, battery life and many other factors. One key feature was the availability of support for  teaching staff, champions and the leadership team, making decisions that would impact on both teaching and learning, and the culture of the school for many years to come.

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The team quickly came to the conclusion that the iPad was the device that could help them achieve their goals for the school, and support learning in the classroom. Currently, the school is deploying nearly 1900 iPads in a school-wide 1:1 scheme. Every pupils has their own iPad that they use both at school and at home for homework and personal use. 

OFSTED praised Haslingden for their use of iPad and robust assessment systems. With a key focus on feedback retrieval practice, and low stakes assessment tools like Socrative, Quilt and Kahoot being key features of many lessons, Haslingden have opened up teaching strategies that would not be possible unless every child had their own device.

Haslingden High School | MCC Digital

The iPad Vision

Justin Roper, Head of eLearning, said, “we wanted devices that could be used both school and home, but we knew that we couldn’t afford to go 1:1, it just wasn’t financially achievable, so we needed to look at other options.


We saw the iPad as a family device, it’s not restricted outside of school, so alongside homework, they can use their iPad for personal use”. 


“As we had more meetings with parents, we were really pleased that they were choosing to support the scheme, and help to make our school vision a reality. And now, nearly 10 years later, it’s well established that if your child comes to Haslingden High School the iPad scheme is something to take part in.

The school made a payment towards the costs of the 1:1 scheme, with a significant amount of the money coming from savings afforded by the move towards a paperless school. The balance of the cost of the scheme is made up of a monthly contribution from the parents,  pupil premium funding is used to support families who struggle to make regular contributions. There is an option for families to provide their own devices, but these need to enroll in the schools systems, and the families have to take their own responsibility for insurance of the devices.

MCC Digital

The school work closely with us, their chosen Apple Authorised Education Specialist, we provide iPads and support services that help to ensure that your 1:1 scheme is successful. This partnership ensures that the school and the parents have the best value for both devices and support. 


“MCC are massively helpful” said Mr. Roper, “it’s a delight each year to see the iPads arrive, boxed and numbered ready for pupil distribution. MCC Digital have saved us valuable time by ensuring iPad device rollout is organised."

MCC Digital | Apple Authorised Education Specialist

One of the big benefits of the scheme that Mr. Roper highlights is the developing relationship with parents. “We didn’t really see it coming, but we now have a much better relationship with the parents, they are much more supportive of the teachers, and what we are trying to do as a school. It’s really got them onside with helping to support the children with their learning too, I think that they understand our vision because of the iPad scheme”.

Hear from Haslingden 

“The iPads have made learning suitable and accessible to all, so that all parents and students can engage, not just the haves and have nots. That’s why we were so insistent from the start that we had a device that could go home with the children”.

“iPads were a trigger to change”, they changed the way we interacted with parents, communication is much easier. We no longer have paper homework planners, timetables, lunch orders, or reports. Exam entries and attendance can all be communicated to the parents through the iPad too.”

“Parents are supportive of our one-to-one device rollout. The parents understand how their children are learning in school and can see the benefits”.

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