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What is ‘My Learn’?

Have you heard of MyLearn? If not, you’re in the right place to find out what is it.

Here at MCC, we offer a range of bundles for any education needs. They are at an affordable price to suit your school and teaching needs. Listed below are our MyLearn bundles that we offer to you,

The MyLearn subscription is an essential tool in the classroom. It will keep your equipment up to date, which is a bonus, it saves teaching staff from having to update the iPads manually. It is also a sustainable resource to add to the classroom. We understand that every classroom is different therefore, we customise a package to suit your education needs.

We have many partners that can support and help your school with Literacy: Apple, Kaligo and, Fonetti. Each of these are unique in their own way. Apple is designed to help children interact and engage with a multi-touch experience. Kaligo will improve pupil handwriting and spelling. The exercises can be customised for each class or individual to help children reach their full potential. Fonetti will support children with their reading skills, it is a real time application to encourage them to want to improve and read more.

Technology has become more important day by day, and it is now essential to learn coding within the classroom. To help children with their computer skills, MCC MyLearn Computing toolkit comes with all the teaching resources that is needed for the young individuals in the classroom. They are all interactive to keep children active with the world of coding and they are also fun to play with.

We also have a music bundle which will inspire children to develop their talents with the best technology for music. The toolkit focuses on the aims found in the national curriculum for music, this includes how to create and compose music, play and perform confidently and extend their music ideas.

If you would like to learn more about our MyLearn Bundles, contact us and we will be able to customise any to suit you and your classroom needs.


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