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Literacy Packages for Primary

Bring the very best resources to support the teaching of literacy in your setting. Utilise the innovative ways that iPad can support reading and writing in primary schools with our partners: Apple, Kaligo and Fonetti.

Learning with Apple

At the heart of everything Apple does is a single vision — to create amazing products that enrich people’s lives. It shapes not only what they make, but how it’s made and what they care about.


Apple technology is designed to give students new ways to experience and demonstrate their learning — no matter what type of learners they are. With Apple hardware and software in the hands of students, the work they need to do becomes the work they love to do. Students love iPad because it can be whatever they need it to be. It helps them explore topics in new ways and discover new skills, with a Multi-Touch experience that’s interactive and engaging.


Improve your students’ handwriting and spelling by using iPad and styluses in the classroom. All Kaligo exercises can be customised class wide or for individual students. Students can progress at their own pace and follow a number of learning pathways.


With Kaligo, teachers reduce their workload with AI powered teaching tools, whilst students complete lessons with tablets and styluses in the classroom or remotely for homework. With all students receiving instant feedback!


As children read aloud with Fonetti, the words turn green in real-time when they get them right. If a child isn’t sure how to say a word, they simply double-tap it and Fonetti reads the word to them. If they miss a word or get it wrong, Fonetti turns it grey and crucially, it allows the child to continue their reading flow which is extremely important for young readers.


When the child completes a book, they are congratulated and given a percentage score for accuracy, which they can compare with their previous accuracy scores and reading duration for the other books they’ve read, encouraging them to want to improve and read more.

MyLearn Literacy Toolkit for Primary

Our MyLearn Literacy Toolkit for Primary includes the following:

  • 62x iPad 9th Generation with Apple Pencil 

  • Protective cases with Pencil holders

  • Mobile charging carts 

  • 3 year licenses for 60 students for Kaligo and Fonetti

  • CPD visits to support your teaching

  • and much more

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