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iPad Fast Track Repair 48

Updated: May 25, 2023

Exciting News!

iPad glass repairs from £65 in 48 hours!

We have recently introduced an updated Repair Services for your damaged and broken iPads.

Register for our new VIP Fast Track 48 repair service for your school's broken iPads. Once registered for Fast Track 48, you will receive your free plastic DPD tote box, pre-labelled and ready to sent to us.

After you have received your your free plastic DPD tote box, you can keep it stored until you need an iPad to be repaired. There will be a 5-step process when sending off your iPads to be repaired.

Step one

First, you will need to contact us so that we can log the repair into the system. Use the chat option to get an estimate.

Step two

Place the iPads into the foam lined tote box.

Step three

A DPD driver will be sent to your school to come and collect the tote box and bring it to our

repair centre.

Step four

Your iPads will then get repaired in 48 hours.

Step five

The tote box will get delivered back to your school with the repaired iPads in.

You will receive your iPads back to your school within 48hours. How amazing is that!

This service is for Apple devices, specifically for iPad.

Find our more information about this new service by pressing the button below.


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