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Repairing Tablet
Fast Track 48

Our Fast Track 48 Service can have your device repaired and returned within 48 hours. 

Don't worry, MCC have you covered! Simply register with us today for Fast Track 48.

Once registered with our Fast Track 48 Service you will receive your very own free tote box. This is yours to keep, once a device is in need of fixing, simply notify us of your repair and drop the device in to the tote box. The device(s) will then be sent to be repaired and will then return to your school within 48 hours of it leaving the premises. 

We will Collect your Device

Once you log your repair with us, your device(s( is sent to be fixed.

Device Repair

Your device(s) will be taken to our service centre where it will be repaired.

We Return your Device to you

Your repaired device will be returned to you within 48 hours. 

"An excellent service all round from MCC Digital. We get our equipment from MCC and have signed up to their repair service. It's always a fast, efficient, and friendly service - and they're extremely helpful! I'm really glad we switched!"

Fast Track iPad Repairs

  • Delivery and Collection of 1 DPD Tote Bag (can ship up to 7 iPads)

  • Replacement Digitiser (glass)

  • Replacement Digitiser (glass) and LCD




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