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National Teacher Day

Its national teacher day!

Do you want to know the offers we have for all you great teachers out there?

As well as specialising in selling bundles for education, we also offer training and support to ensure your technology is keeping up to date in the classroom.

We have 5 ways to increase your professional development as well as classroom creativity.;

· Apple Teacher

· Apple Professional Learning

· The Everyone Can Create Collection

· Everyone Can Code

· Apple Action

Apple Teacher

Apple teacher is a free professional learning program which guides you with iPad and Mac skills. As we all know, teachers are busy most of the time, and that’s why Apple Teach is good for you, because it is self-paced so there’s no rushing with it.

Apple Professional Learning

APL provides all educators with further learning opportunities. It is designed to support you with inviting technology into learning. It will also help you create a much more engaging learning environment.

As you’ve read, we have many more programs which can benefit all educators. Find out more to see which program will benefit you the most.


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