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At MCC Digital we want to support teachers throughout their experience with us. We offer training and support to ensure you're optimising your technology within the classroom. We have three ways to boost your Professional Development and classroom creativity: Apple Teacher, Apple Professional Learning and the Everyone Can Collection. 

Apple Teacher


Apple Teacher is a free online professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate the great work of teachers around the world.

This programme is a great way for leaders in schools and districts to offer professional learning that is easy, flexible, fun and inspiring — just the way professional learning should be.

Thousands of school leaders have already embraced the Apple Teacher programme because they’ve seen the tremendous impact it has on the learning experience. Teachers love going through the programme with their peers.

Once completed, you will earn an Apple Teacher accreditation. This is an excellent addition to your email signature.

Apple Professional Learning 

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Apple Professional Learning (APL) provides educators with a comprehensive array of learning opportunities — from acquiring foundational skills to developing instructional innovation — that foster deeper learning experiences and result in those wonderful a-ha moments with students.


APL offerings are designed to help educators acquire strong product foundations in an education context, explore integrating technology into learning, and aspire to innovate their instructional practice.

Apple Professional Learning Specialists help educators and education leaders create engaging learning environments that address the needs of all learners through innovation approaches to pedagogy, curriculum and assessment. What’s even more exciting is the inspiration teachers can draw from the more than 2,500 Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs)—teachers and mentors who share their expertise in integrating Apple products into teaching and learning.

Everyone Can Create 


What is it?

Everyone Can Create introduces students to new skills to express themselves creatively. The collection looks at the following topics: music, video, photography and drawing. These useful guides have been designed by Apple following a collaboration with educators, parents, artists, musicians and photographers. Each guide teaches students the key skills they need to learn using a series of activities, and all those skills build towards a really fun project.

How does it help teachers?

The Teacher Guide complements the four student guides. This contains an introductory chapter that provides strategies for getting started, and how to more deeply integrate creativity into the classroom. All the ideas connect to learning objectives and also come with rubrics to evaluate the quality of work that students create in each medium.

Is the collection available for Early Years?

Everyone Can Create also includes a new Teacher Guide for Early Learners, bringing projects and integration ideas across all four mediums into one book, making it easier for teachers of younger students do the activities in small groups or with an entire class.

Instructions are written for the teacher to understand how to complete the activities, and the teacher will then facilitate how those instructions are best delivered within their class setting. Everything a teacher of younger students needs is in this one book, and the activities are age and reading-level appropriate.

Everyone Can Code 


Coding allows students to think critically and creatively, and develop their problem-solving techniques. Apple has introduced Everyone Can Code, a curriculum that teaches computational thinking and coding with Swift. The curriculum uses Swift Playgrounds, a free iPad app that makes getting started easy, fun and interactive.

With the built-in Learn to Code lessons, you’ll use the Swift programming language — a language Apple created with everyday words so it’s easy to understand — to solve puzzles and start creating things with code. Using the Swift Playgrounds app, students can also write Swift code to make robots dance, drones fly and so much more. These hands-on coding activities with connected devices show students how coding concepts can take shape in the physical world around them.

Apple in Action

Cornist Park School came to MCC wanting to buy Apple technology. What we have seen over the last 12 months is a demonstration of the school taking the initiative, and with our support they have driven their own growth. This video shows how Apple technology can change learning and inspire education.

”MCC have played a massive part in our digital journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. They have put in all our apple infrastructure including our WiFi. It was great to have someone come in, set everything up and show us how to use it, now we are fully independent to do things ourselves.”

Miss Williams – Teacher
Cornist Park Primary School

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