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Could Hybrid Working benefit your business?

As we all know, Covid 19 caused organisations to re-evaluate the way they work. We all had to retain productivity while also maintaining social distancing. Most businesses have adapted to this way of working as it allows employees to better balance work and personal time.

What is Hybrid working?

Hybrid working is when staff have the combination of remote, semi remote, and entirely office-based employees. It means that not everyone will be in the office at the same time, they may be working at home or on-site. It is whatever works best for that individual as well as the workplace.

Here are 4 ways that hybrid working could change things at your workplace:

Improve employee wellbeing Hybrid Working tends to give people more freedom over where and how they want to work, and it allows them to spend less time commuting. Together, these changes can improve the work-life balance of many Hybrid Workers and make them generally happier.

Hybrid can reduce sickness With a reduced office headcount, it is less likely for illnesses and flus to spread around the office, allowing more people to stay working throughout the year because they won’t need any time off for being sick.

Reduced costs

As we all know, bills such as heating and electricity are massively increasing, so with less people within the office means it means a reduced energy bill. A big win for employers! Not only this, but organisations won’t need to provide equipment such as desks and chairs for every single one of their employees. This will save a huge amount of money by reducing the size of their office footprint.

Environmental benefits Our recent blog consists of how to make improvements to sustainability in the office.

Hybrid working is one way you can also improve your sustainability, with fewer workers coming into the office each day, reduces pollutions associated with commuting. These changes are likely to change the amount of carbon being produced and it will decrease. A major win for the planet!

Here at MCC, we believe that Hybrid working is the future. We offer different bundles to get your business started with this. You can work where you like and when you like! What’s better than that? Check out our bundles to find our more. Or contact us for more information about them.


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