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Top 3 strategies to improve sustainability in the office

In today’s world, sustainability is huge. What are you doing differently to make your business sustainable? This should be one of the main priorities for your company because people are becoming more conscious of the challenges we face over pollution, and as a strong sustainable company, you will be able to attract customers.

Here are 3 ways to improve sustainability in your business.

Use less paper

A single office employee consumes 10,000sheets per year, which is equivalent of one whole tree! What’s worse than that?

The way to reducing paper waste is to switch to a fully digital workflow. It is so easy because the more digital your workflow becomes, the less paper waste there is.

By using less paper, you can reduce your impact on forests, cut energy use and climate change emissions, limit water, air and other pollution, and produce less waste.

Offer remote working (if possible)

As more work gets done online, there is less need for people to be physically in an office. This is great for the environment. Having less cars on the road, equates to less carbon dioxide being emitted into the air. This small change can help a business’s overall carbon footprint. Furthermore, with fewer people in the office, companies can save money on lighting and heating in the workplace. Perfect to help with the cost of living crisis.

Use sustainable packaging

For businesses that sell and shop products, packaging is a major part of being sustainable.

We completed some researched about being sustainable with packaging as it is so important, and we found that 64% of consumers would be more likely to purchase from a retailer that offered compostable packaging.

Here at MCC, we offer a recycling service with your aging technology. We love to do our bit for the planet so our recycling services will allow you to trade in your old device, and gain credit towards a new product. What’s better than that?

Discover more about our recycling services and our trade in deals.


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