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Apple warranty- All you need to know

Everyone knows that Apple products are amazing, and they are known for all their incredible features. But did you know that they still may need repairs? That’s why Apple warranty is a great to have, so that you can get repairs on your Apple device without it being a fortune.

What is Apple warranty?

Apple warranty comes with your device for limited amount of time. However, you can pay an additional amount to extend your Apple warranty. In simpler words, Apple warranty allows you go back to the retail Apple shop to get your device repaired (if needed) at a cheaper cost.

How to check when you cover expires

Checking your Apple warranty expiry date is easy. All you need to do is the following 4 steps;

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Apple ID

3. Choose the device

4. You will then see the expiry date with more details about your cover.

What does it cover?

Apple warranty covers all hardware repairs only. This includes defects in materials and quality, dead pixels on the built-in display, faulty camera, jacks, and any Apple-branded accessories it came along with, enclosure damage.

On the other hand, Apple warranty doesn’t cover any physical damage, water damage, software errors, if you have lost the device and scratches caused by yourself. So, make sure to look after your devices!

Our MyCare

Here at MCC, we have our own MyCare warranty service. If your device seems to be failing, MCC will send a courier to collect it from you and it will be repairs by a fully certified Apple MyCare service engineer and then returned to you at no extra cost. To find out more about our MyCare check our website,


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