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Top 5 tips to make your business stand out

1. A User-friendly Website

Here at MCC, we are always working on our website, making sure it’s easy to use and up to date with our latest offers.

Here are some tips on keeping your website modern and accessible

Step one for having a great website that stands out is making sure your website is Mobile-Responsive. This means that your website is well displayed on all screen sizes and is stable on mobile devices (page elements like images, buttons, and text that doesn’t shift around).

Come up with an innovative web design to keep ahead of the game. In this case, white space is your best friend! Don’t cram information onto a page if it’s not the most important. Minimalism is key, you can do more with less. This makes your website look cleaner. (But not too much empty space!)

Try your best to not use colours outside of your chosen branded ones. Include your branded colours across your website and social media to keep your brand identity clear.

2. Technology

Having the latest technology can increase employee productivity. It will allow staff to have more updated tools to work with to help there day to day work better. Technology allows there to be remote staff work which is beneficial to a business.

Technology can play an important role in creating lean and efficient processes. It can help you reduce duplications and delays in the workflow, as well as help you speed up by automating specific tasks.

Check out the latest technology on our website to see which bundle best suits your business.

3.Story Telling

Every business has a story no matter what products and services you offer. You have to put yourself in your customers shoes. So don’t be too data heavy.

Stories engage your audience because they are more memorable. Let’s say you're delivering a presentation or creating a blog for your website about your organisation, it’s much better if your present it like you know the customer.

4.Keep up with trends

By keeping up with the latest social media trends you will be constantly learning new tools, and connecting with new audiences. . By having this connection, it will help you grow a bigger audience for your business.

5.Make a difference

Having something that your business does to make difference in the world would help you stand out from a crowd. With this, your able to tell stories, run events/ campaigns around the topic.

MCC carry out a recycling service which allows us to make an impact for our environment. We can develop fun event around recycling each year which isn’t just great for customers to hear about but fun for MCC staff to take part in.


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