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3 things to takeaway from Jamf's talk at MCC Digital's 'Delivering Success with Apple' Event

With a mixture of freely available Apple tools, such as Apple School Manager and Jamf School features. With technology use growing in schools, it’s more important than ever that schools are aware of the tools available to them to elevate some of the pressures schools can face when deploying technology at scale. Here’s 3 key takeaways from the talk. 

  1. Jamf’s same day history. Their commitment to Apple’s latest and greatest features means you have to worry less about compatibility and upgrades and focus your time more on creating an unparalleled teaching and learning experience for your teachers and students.  Jamf’s same day support commitment reaches back over 10 years. When Apple announce new features and platform updates, Jamf are committed to supporting them and ensuring that your Apple experience will always be the latest and greatest. 

  2. Going further with Jamf School, Jamf Parent & Jamf Teacher. For 1:1 devices that go home, Jamf can apply time based profiles to remove restrictions at home time and make a more flexible device. Maybe games are allowed when students are at home. Jamf can also adjust JSI policies, allowing social, gaming and other websites that students may want to use in their free time and when the device is not being used for learning.  The Jamf Teacher app helps to keep students engaged and on task with custom lessons, web lock, app lock and tools to bring student attention away from the devices and to the front of the room. Teachers can create custom lessons to students with just the apps, websites and restrictions they need to most effectively learn. Give parents a similar level of control with Jamf Parent, ensuring that during homework time and bedtime for example games and social media are not being used.  All of these apps are compatible with time based restrictions as well meaning?? restrictions, app locks etc. can all automatically expire.

  3. Jamf in Education with Archbishop Temple. We looked at an MCC Digital, Jamf using school, to see the real-world impact of Jamf School. Archbishop Temple began their 1:1 iPad scheme over a decade ago and initially used an alternative MDM system. When they began to scale up they partnered with MCC Digital and discovered that their current system could not continue to support the school in the way they needed. MCC Digital then led the change to a new solution, Jamf School. Migrating an estate that has now grown to over 900 licences. Jamf is now a critical tool for not just IT Teams but teachers and parents within the Archbishop Temple community. 

If you believe your current MDM system isn’t supporting your ambition for teaching and learning or you’re a Jamf using school who wants to know how you can better utilise some of Jamf’s other features, then book a consultation with Jamf and MCC Digital today. 


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