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3 Key takeaways from the Tech She Can keynote at MCC Digital's 'Delivering Success with Apple' event

Becky Patel (left) and Robyn Howard (right) from Tech She Can
Becky Patel (left) and Robyn Howard (right) from Tech She Can

MCC Digital’s Charity Partner, Tech She Can are on a mission to close the gender gap in STEM careers. A huge part of this mission is to increase awareness of these roles within children as young as 5. They spoke to our guests about the crucial role they play in ensuring the future workforce, and shared details on how schools can access their completely free ‘Tech We Can’ resources for use in the classroom. Here’s 3 key takeaways from their presentation. 

  1. The importance of understanding where we are today. Becky and Robyn shared with us some disappointing statistics, that put the spotlight on some of the troubles were currently facing. Only 3% of women consider a tech career to be their first choice. Only 25% workers in technology are women, dropping to 10 % at leadership level. This ultimately leads to a lack of female role models, a lack of encouragement to young girls into technology subjects and careers and a lack of knowledge from teachers, parents and careers advisors because there was a huge gap in education.

  2. Free to access ‘Tech We Can’ Resources, for all ages. Becky highlighted the amazing free, curriculum relevant teaching resources available to schools via the website. Showcasing that STEM encouragement doesn’t need to start when children can learn to code, but when they can become inspired. Children can’t aspire to become something they don’t know exist, but also at 4&5 years old, the focus should be on creating a fun and engaging environment. A large percentage of the children being taught in schools today, will graduate into a job that doesn’t even exist. The free resources, provided for children ages 5-14, are available in a range of mediums. From Animated lessons with Katie & Tex to Career insight days, hosted at some of the UK’s top businesses. 

  3. Manifesto for Generational Change. Tech She Can recently released their manifesto for generational change, which focuses on 3 pillars, which cover a 10-year vision. Immediately, change the ratio of women in tech by addressing structural barriers and societal perceptions. This includes, establishing a joint DFE-DSIT cross-departmental unit, and launching a national public campaign to challenge perceptions of technology careers and reclaim the tech narrative, with a focus on girls and women. Within 3-5 years, meaningful, inclusive, future-ready careers education for all, preparing young people for work and life at every age. Within 5-10 years, modernising the broken STEM curriculum: it’s training children for skills they don’t need, for jobs they won’t do. If you want to learn more about the manifesto you can find it here.

Becky, Robyn and the whole team at Tech She Can and our team here at MCC Digital would love the chance to speak to you in more detail about how we can help inspire young minds at your school. Click the link below to book a call with our team.


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