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The importance of Cyber Security

As the world becomes more digital focused and relies more on cloud storage, data security has become more important than ever. Not only do you need security to keep your data protected but to ensure that it is assessable when you need it. Continue reading to discover the importance of data security and the best ways to protect your data.

What is Data Security?

Data security is a way of protecting your data from unauthorised access. It is essential to have data protection to ensure sensitive information is safe from any hackers.

Why is it important?

Keeping your data secure is extremely important so that you can keep your personal and business information protected. It can protect hackers from taking:

· Names of employees and customers

· Addresses of employees, customers, and businesses

· Financial data of your business

If someone manages to gain access to your data, they could steal important data and use it against you or commit crimes with it, they can also crash the system entirely which can lead to serious loss from your business.

What are common types of Data Breaches?

· Theft or loss of personal information. It includes theft of identity, address, phone numbers and credit card information.

· Unauthorised access- is when someone gets access to your data without your permission and can leak it.

· Web application attacks. These include cross-site scripting, malicious redirects, and SQL injection.

Top 5 ways to keep your data protected

Backup your data- Always create back-up copies of your data. Store it somewhere other than your main working space. This way, if something ever happened, you still have your work stored somewhere else.

Use Strong Passwords- Make sure everyone in the business uses hard to guess passwords. Avoid using personal information as passwords, such as your birthday.

Keep up with Regular Updates- this ensures you have the latest security features.

Don’t keep data for longer than you need it- Staying on top of what personal data you hold will save you time and resources. It will also help you with your data protection responsibilities.

Be wary of suspicious emails- Educate yourself and those working for you on how to spot suspicious emails. Checking for obvious signs such as bad grammar, requests for you to act urgently, and requests for payment will help you avoid being caught out.

If you want to find out what your business can do to protect itself further, book one of our Cyber Security Discovery Days here

Alternatively, get in touch and one of our experienced team will be able to offer advice.


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