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Supporting the Classroom with Technology

The importance of education

Education is not only how well you can read and write but whether you can communicate with and understand the world around you. A good education not only teaches you skills but also helps you broaden your horizons, gain better perspective, and teaches you to think for yourself. The importance of education is also pronounced in areas of creativity and innovation. Education encourages thinking outside the box and experimenting with new ideas.

MCC Digital believe that with good technology and resources, children will gain the knowledge to write, read, communicate correctly, and spark great creativity. Below are some of the products and services that we recommend for schools and educators.

Coding Bundle

It is more important than ever before to learn computing skills. Having basic computer literacy skills can help children onto more advanced skills such as programming.

Communication today is also mainly digital. Children need to understand how to communicate with others safely, appropriately, and effectively through various communication tools.

The MCC MyLearn Coding Toolkit with iPad includes all the teaching resources you need to inspire learners to achieve their ambitions. Understanding coding unlocks the ability for children to fulfil their ambitions. Learning to build software promotes collaboration and helps with problem solving.

For more information about our coding bundle, contact us now.

Literacy bundle

Another amazing bundle that we offer to education is our literacy bundle. Literacy is a core subject. MCC Digital can support your school with our partners: Fonetti, and Kaligo.

Fonetti is an application that aids students reading comprehension. When a child reads aloud with Fonetti, the words will turn green in real-time when they get them right. If the child says a word wrong or is unsure on how to say the word and skips over it, the word will turn grey. However, the child can double-tap the word and Fonetti will read the word to them to further their understanding. It is such an amazing app which can increase their English skills.

Kaligo will improve students handwriting and spelling skills. All Kaligo exercises can be customised class wide or for individual students. Students can progress at their own pace and follow several learning pathways. This is perfect for in the classroom when all the students are at different levels of learning.

If you would like more information about our literacy bundles get in contact today.

We offer more than just these two bundles that will help you in the classroom.

Don’t forget, we are open all week from 9am to 5:30pm, so get in touch for any addit

ional information about our bundle packages we offer

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