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Struggling To Stay Productive?

The first few weeks back at work are always the toughest. You’re re-adjusting to a busy environment, where you need to be always alert, focused and putting your best face forward.

You may feel that, especially since the return of WFH, it’s been even harder to switch off from distractions and be fully productive. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s normal to take a little longer to get back into that working routine, especially after a longer break.

Productivity will start to flood back naturally, as you adjust further back into your routine. To help give you a push start in the meantime, here’s some tips to get your brain switched on again:

- Get Up Early – it’s tempting to stay in bed for as long as possible, especially since you don’t need extra commute time at the moment, but it’s beneficial to get up that extra bit early. You’ll have time to make a nice breakfast and set your schedule for the day ahead.

- Eliminate Digital Distractions – working from brings more freedom, but this shouldn’t mean distractions! Switch off any socials, the TV, just things that will divert your attention.

- Take Regular Breaks – it’s really important to take regular breaks, especially from your screen. Use this time to get some fresh air, make food or a hot drink, or even a quick household chore (you are working from home, after all!)

- Make A To-Do List – you’ll get more done if you have a list / schedule to work through. It definitely makes you feel productive when you can tick off a task you’ve completed.

- Good Set Up – a clear desk enables clear thinking. Make sure there’s no unnecessary clutter on your desk, it makes it much harder to get anything done which will cramp your schedule.

There are certainly a few differences with working from home, however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t work as productively and efficiently. Just remember to stay focused, organised, and everything else will follow.

Is there something you feel is missing from your WFH set up? Or maybe you’d like to upgrade the device(s) you’re currently using?

If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to help with any queries you may have and find a deal that works for you.


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