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Save, Recycle and Trade-in with our new Refurbished Device Store

We are excited to announce to our customers that buying refurbished devices is easier than ever before. We offer exclusive access to our new refurb store on our website. Our store offers great deals and an eco-friendly way to buy refurbished devices or even trade-in old tech for cashback.

So, what are refurb devices?

Refurb devices are when someone has previously owned a mobile, tablet or laptop and have returned them to a manufacturer. The products are quality tested for their functionality before they are sold to the public.

Buying refurbished devices is a great way to save your business money as they are cheaper than purchasing new.

Here at MCC, you can save up to 60% buying refurb vs brand-new. You can even prolong the life of your device with our highly rated repair service, or you can generate an instant quote if you wish to sell your old devices.

We have many happy customers. One of our lovely customers left us a review to detail how MCC helped their business: “An excellent service all round from MCC Digital. The refurbished devices we purchased were much cheaper than we’d been quoted elsewhere and with the recycling service we were able to earn some credit towards our new kit. Thank you very much"

When you recycle with MCC, your technology will receive a data erasure certificate. You will also receive cash back from the device which you can then put toward buying new devices to suit your business.

Buying refurbished devices will positively benefit the environment as well as being cost saving for your company. This is because refurbished devices reuse old parts, reducing the energy consumption needed to manufacture new ones. Because of this, the carbon footprint of these devices is significantly lower.

Purchasing refurbished devices with MCC Digital has never been easier. Check out our refurb store today:


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