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OtterBox for Business: Protection Worth the Investment

MCC Digital can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to protecting your devices. We understand that accidents happen but with OtterBox, we can assure you that all your technology will stay safe.

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Across virtually every industry, today’s businesses rely on mobile and tablet devices. These everyday tools deliver a wide range of benefits to businesses and their employees, including higher efficiency and productivity of staff, enhanced business connectivity, and ease of access to specialised business applications.

However, it only takes one slip, trip or drop to disrupt the efficiencies and performance gains that help improve your organisation’s investment. Quality protective cases and accessories can help your business prevent costly device damage while reducing the need for employee downtime.

The Long-Term Cost of Unprotected Devices

Corporate buyers and decision-makers know that when you’re making a large-scale investment into mobile and tablet devices, costs can add up quickly.

No business wants to pay the high cost of repairing and replacing damaged devices. However, the value of proper device protection affects both your bottom line and your incoming revenue. That’s why we like to remind our customers of the following:

  • Approximately 27% of employees are using work devices with a damaged screen

  • The average cracked screen repair costs more than £431

  • The average insurance excess paid for each damaged device is £130

  • The average cost to replace a corporate smartphone or tablet is £1,180

On top of these hardware costs, your business also suffers from lost productivity and performance due to limited connectivity and access to mobile and cloud-based tools, creating additional costs in the form of reduced revenue generation. These costs may not appear as a line expense, but they are guaranteed to cut into your company’s profit margin.

Investing in Productivity and Greater Value Creation

A well-protected device will allow your workers to achieve more through their company-owned technology. Rugged protection delivers value for both your day-to-day business operations and your IT department, including the following benefits:

  • Reduced employee downtime and business continuity. Reduced device damage means your devices stay in the hands of your employees. This improves the ability to work and communicate throughout the day, regardless of where each person is located, making it easier for tasks and projects to move forward.

  • Reduced repairs and extended device lifespans. Premium device protection will help your business dramatically reduce its repair and replacement costs over the life of each device, saving your business money and reducing the total cost of ownership for each company-owned device.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency. By reducing the amount of damage suffered against your workforce’s devices, workers can accomplish more during the workday, and with greater quality in their work.

  • Comprehensive protection and accessories to optimise device performance. In addition to protective cases, OtterBox offers screen protectors, wall chargers, charging cables and other practical accessories that help to maximise the performance and longevity of your devices.

  • Grow revenue while controlling line expenses. Premium protection reduces your IT expenses by reducing device repair needs, slowing the rate of new device onboarding, and alleviating overall device management requirements. With better, more consistent device protection, IT professionals can spend more time contributing to value-added projects.

OtterBox for Business: Protection Worth the Investment

No matter your work environment or your device protection needs, OtterBox offers an extensive line of protective cases and other accessories to protect devices in any business environment.

All of OtterBox’s cases come with DROP+ protection, which is a certification that promises every OtterBox product is ready for whatever your employees throw at it. Each device is put through a series of punishing tests designed by the U.S. Department of Defense to ensure rugged protection that meets or exceeds military standards, as well as 24+ extra tests.

The OtterBox Defender Series smartphone case is our most rugged protection solution, offering multi-layer construction and 4X DROP+ protection to guard your device against drops, dings and other damage. Port covers keep dust, dirt and debris from getting inside your device, while a raised protective edge improves camera and screen protection. The optional holster does double duty as a belt clip or hands-free kickstand. Meanwhile, the Defender XT series also offers Apple's MagSafe technology compatibility and 5X DROP+ protection.

Made with 50% recycled material, our Symmetry Series offers 3X DROP+ protection, a slim profile and is easy to install. While our Symmetry MagSafe Series offers all the same benefits but with added MagSafe compatibility.

Tablet devices can also be protected with Defender Series which offers 2X DROP+ protection. This multi-layer case features a hard internal shell, a soft outer slipcover, and a built-in screen protector that work together to deflect everyday actions and accidents. The Defender Folio Series and Defender Kickstand Series are also available for iPad 10th Gen.

The Symmetry Folio Series tablet case offers 1X DROP+ protection with a microfibre folio lining that guards the screen and powerful magnets hold it closed when in transit. Its clear back enables easy-to-identify engravings and asset tags for company-issued devices.

Accomplish More with the OtterBox Power Portfolio

When it comes to protecting your tech investments, the right accessories can make all the difference. Along with protective cases and screen protection, we offer a portfolio of approved charging accessories that can be deployed in any work environment.

Slow device charging can disrupt business operations and employee productivity in the middle of the workday. Meanwhile, tablets and other devices can suffer accidental damage from charging hardware and other accessories that aren’t built specifically for their needs. Incorrect charging wattage, poor hardware designs and other poor-fit accessories can degrade your battery life — further reducing their availability to workers — while also increasing repair costs and shortening the life expectancy of each device.

From charging cables to power banks to MagSafe workstation charging solutions, the OtterBox Power Portfolio offers a range of fast charge accessories that have been tested to ensure quality and durability – and to support the longevity and performance of your devices.

We Help Businesses Achieve a Greater Return on Investment

For most businesses, mobile and tablet devices are necessary IT investments. Premium protection is an easy way to preserve the value and functionality of these devices while protecting your company’s financial commitment to mobility.

Find out which OtterBox protective solutions make the most sense for your employees and your business:

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