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New Year, New Tech

We are back and better than ever!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful winter holiday and had the break that was well needed to relax and rewind. I know that we most certainly did!

To kickstart this year, why not upgrade your business with new and improved technology? As you all know, we offer a wide range of products to suit each of your needs, including the latest Macs, MacBook Pros, iPhones and so much more.

Let’s talk MacBook Pro… This laptop is perfect for working in the office as well as working from home. It is lightweight, therefore is easy for carrying to and from your workplace.

With the addition of the M2 chip, this 13-inch MacBook Pro is now more capable than ever. Have you ever forgotten your charger when taking your laptop home to work on? Well, with this laptop you have up to 20 hours battery life, so there is no need to panic if you ever forget your charger. If you’re needing to refresh your MacBook Pro, contact us for more information.

MCC believe that keeping your work phone up to date is so important! We offer the latest iPhones such as, the iPhone 14. Having an up-to-date work phone means you will have a faster load time which will allow you to access files much quicker. One of the most valuable benefits of having the latest mobile phone is, the new features they have. New features enhance the application and can potentially provide a function that you weren’t able to access before. Upgrade your work phone today.

We also have iPads, Accessories, and many more products and services that you can look at on our website. Enhance your business today!


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