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Meet the professional with Harris Tsiolis

Meet Harris Tsiolis - Business Development Manager, Confident and responsible Individual. If you ask anyone at MCC what Harris’s biggest strength is, they will tell you “His passion towards making connections with customers”

How many years have you worked in industry?

Harris has been working in sales/retail for 9 years, with the last 4 years being involved with working for Apple. His job role was a Product Specialist for both Manchester and Liverpool stores. This is where he developed a huge love for all Apple related products.

He then unfolded his next chapter and found his way to us, MCC Digital. Harris has currently been working at MCC for nearly two months.

What responsibilities do you have?

Harris works for the Enterprise department so his responsibilities in the office are very important. Some of his responsibilities include, developing new relationships with clients and businesses, support company growth, ensure that all our existing as well as new clients are receiving the best service that exceeds their expectations.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Harris always arrives early to the office which we all love to see at MCC. His typical day consists of making further connections with clients and businesses on LinkedIn and learning more about what products and services MCC provides to our customers.

How would you describe your experience at MCC so far?

Harris described his experience as a "learning curve". Harris has learnt lots since starting with us and he is grateful that the team are all super friendly and very supportive with his journey.

What is your favourite part about your job?

Harris responded to this question with great enthusiasm saying “Fascinating to see that the team has an “out of the box” thinking approach as well as a growth mindset. Also, I’m passionate about making connections with people”

What do you want to achieve at MCC this year?

Harris really wants to continue working hard this year, bringing many new clients to MCC and show them the incredible experience and services we offer as a company.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

We asked Harris this question, he responded saying “I’ve lived to 3 different countries so far so I’m super passionate about travelling and meeting new cultures”. How amazing is that?

We love hearing new stories about our staff at MCC.

As it is getting to Christmas and we are all feeling festive in the office, we decided to ask Harris a bonus question …

What is on your Christmas list this year?

Harris said that the only thing on his list this year is to pass his last semester year at university.

We wish Harris all the best finishing his university semester and we hope he has the best time on his holidays.

If you would like to contact Harris, please get in touch.



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