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MCC Loves the Planet.

Recycle and Repair your Tech with MCC Digital.

With Earth Day approaching on Friday, we at MCC wanted to help spread awareness of how recycling your technology can help save our environment.

The UK is soon on its way to becoming Europe’s biggest E-Waste contributor, so in addition to our recycling service, we also help with device repair!

The creation of a device is where most of their carbon footprint is released. The mining, transportation and assembly of precious metals uses a lot of greenhouse gases which is one of the main factors of environmental pollution. Then, when they are thrown away and taken to a landfill, elements such as lead can leak in their batteries polluting lands and rivers, which is why they need to be extracted and recycled in the right way.

Recycling with MCC

No matter the model or condition, we can turn your equipment into something good for you, and the planet! Got old tech? All you need to do is contact us with what you have, we will come and collect it and recycle your devices. You may even earn cash back or credit depending on the devices value.

So, why send your product to us to be repaired?

We offer repairs on a variety of products, whether this be an iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook or another device and whether its water damage, a cracked screen or a battery fault, we aim to have the repair completed within a 2-week timeframe.

Our repair service is easy, we will have the device collected from you and sent to our service centre, and once it’s ready, we will have it returned to you. Our repair service collection/return fee is £30 (plus VAT) or it is free of charge if you are a MCC MyCare warranty customer, which covers you for up to 5 years, and your device will be collected and returned for no extra fee!

Learn more about our repair service by clicking the button below.

What happens if my device cannot be repaired?

Don’t worry, if your device cannot be repaired, you will be notified and won’t be charged for the inspection fee. And if not, why not contribute to saving the environment by looking at our recycling service where we reuse as much of your device as possible.

Got another query? Get in touch with us today and we will do our best to help you.


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