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Is Hybrid working the future?

Many businesses, as well as ours, give staff the choice of Hybrid Working. Not every business has the opportunity or the products to support flexible working. Finding the right technology for your business to trial a Hybrid Working scheme is tricky, there can be lots of reasons for this including the price of supplying tech. If your business is wanting to go Hybrid it can also be cost effective.

This blog will tell you all you need to know about Hybrid Working and will give you some useful tips.

Hybrid Working can be so beneficial to your business as it will 100% save money on bills. Having staff working from home will allow you keep certain lights switched off and either the aircon or heating switched off. Who wouldn’t want to save that extra bit of money?

Here at MCC, we have hybrid working solutions that you can easily work from the office or at home. We have two options at affordable prices.

Option one is our ‘Ultimate Bundle’. This includes everything you need from a laptop to a laptop bag. This bundle is only £70 per month, how amazing is that deal! If you want to find out what else is included within this package, click the link below.

Our second option is a more affordable and versatile bundle which is perfect for any employee. This is £58 per month. If you would like to find out what is included in this bundle, press the link below.

Having Hybrid Working in place will allow your staff to work more flexibly. Working at the same desk day in day out can get a little repetitive that’s why with Hybrid working you are able to work from anywhre, anytime like a coffee shop or from home. This will allow your staff to switch up where they want to work and boost productivity and creativity.

If you need more information about Hybrid working, contact us today.


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