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Investing in Hybrid Working technology: The Benefits

Hybrid working may support improved wellbeing through reducing commuting time, providing employees with more autonomy around their schedules and extra time for health and wellbeing activities.

Allowing hybrid working helps employees as well as the business itself. Working from home allows employees to avoid paying for office supplies, childcare costs, and the cost of their dinners.

With the cost of energy bills increasing, businesses are paying more and more each day. But you can help your business energy bills by investing in more efficient tech which uses less power, to minimise energy bills.

Modern technology gives a satisfying employee experience, ensuring customer data remains secure, and making sure your IT estate is an asset, not a burden. Let’s look at some key hybrid products you can switch to today.


Having a laptop for hybrid working is one of the best investments. Their lightweight, ultra-slim form factor makes it easy to move away from ambient noise, find a more comfortable spot during meetings, or get work done in a small space. When employees need more screen real estate for complex work like spreadsheets or graphics files, they can simply connect their laptops to external monitors or desktop PCs. It’s the best of both worlds.

At MCC, we offer different laptop options that will help you and your business with hybrid working.


There are many reasons why it is important to have a separate mobile phone for work and personal use. Your personal phone could keep you distracted. It's harder to get distracted when you're on the go, especially with a phone that is not related to your job. When you have a work phone, you can easily answer your work calls from home and in office, so it is great to have one when you are working hybrid.

We offer many different models and makes of phones that are perfect for a work phone. Check them out and get in contact with us today.

So, by investing more money into new tech for your hybrid workers, will help you lower the costs within your business whilst increasing staff wellbeing.

Check out our Hybrid Working bundles here:


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