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How to free up storage on your Mac

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably ran into a problem of having little to no storage space left on your Mac. When your Mac doesn’t have enough space, it will start to slow down your Macs performance, which no one wants. Do you want to know how to free up space on your Mac? Here you will find out 4 ways to clear up space on your Mac…

Firstly, you should check how much space you have remaining on your Mac. You can do this by;

1. Pressing the Apple at the top left corner of your Mac

2. Select “About this Mac”

3. Click the storage tab

4. You will then see how much storage you have used and what is remaining.

Uninstall apps you don’t use

Apps on your Mac can take up a lot of storage that you might need. Is there an app that you downloaded, used once, and forgot about? We all do it. Those unused apps are taking away all the space on your Mac, so if you’re sure that the app is no longer in use, deleting it can make a difference.

To delete an App all you need to do is,

1. Open the Launchpad icon

2. Find the app you want to delete

3. Click and hold the unwanted app until its icon starts shaking

4. Then press the x on the top right corner of the app to delete

Clear up your mail

Did you know that letting unopened emails sit around in your mailbox is eating away your storage? Emails can take a lot of space on your Mac. If you keep hundreds of emails around, it’s time to clear them all up to allow more space on the Mac device for more important items.

Empty trash

When you place files and images into your Trash on your Mac, they don’t delete. So, the items in your Trash will start to stack up and take up all your storage. The items that you have moved to the Trash will remain on your Mac device until you empty the bin yourself. You can enable the ‘Empty bin Automatically’ button which is located on your settings. This will automatically empty your trash can every 30 days.

Tools on your Mac

One of the easiest ways to clear storage, is the built-in tools on your Mac.

Store in iCloud: This will allow you to store all your photos, movies, music, and files into your iCloud. You can just keep the more important files you use daily on your Mac.

Optimise storage: This feature will remove any movies you have already watched and send them to the trash to be deleted.

Empty Trash Automatically: Like I said above, by turning this on, your trash will delete on its own after 30 days. It will save your keep going into your trash can to empty it yourself.

Reduce clutter: By clicking the 'Review files' button, you can manage all the files you have and delete the ones you no longer need.


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