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COUNTDOWN - 12 Days of Kindness

Join us on our Countdown to Christmas, with 12 different ways to make your soul smile each day!

We know that it's extremely important to be kind every single day of the year, and we must always find ways to make others happy and treat them with mutual respect. Although, the idea always becomes more common around the festive period. Maybe because it's a time where everyone gets closer and comes together more as one.

Whether that be as a family, with old friends or with your work colleagues, it's a time where we feel more part of our community.

We want to help EVERYONE feel part of some sort of community. If you give, you will receive.

We've created this little advent calendar to help us countdown to Christmas Day. However, this is a special calendar...

...Each day leading up to the 25th, we are going to open one of the calendar's doors. Behind the doors are different acts of kindness, ways that you can make someone's December that little bit better.

Keep an eye on our Twitter page daily, because we will be opening the doors over on there.

We'd love for you to share these acts of kindness as, not only will you make someone else's day, you'll make yourself very happy too. Being kind is free, and has so many benefits!

We hope you'll come back to see more, and we'd like to wish you a Happy Holidays from all at MCC!


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