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Coffee Shops: The New Remote Workplace

A coffee shop is a wonderful place to catch up with friends and relax on your days off. It’s such a warm and welcoming environment, that is why they are also gaining popularity for being the perfect workspace for remote/hybrid employees. Not only are coffee shops the perfect workspace for employees and business owners but for students as well.

Why do people love working remotely from a coffee shop?

Working from a coffee shop may change the way you accomplish your goals. Whether you work remotely Monday to Friday and like to work more flexibly or if you like to just pop in occasionally to have a change of scenery, this workplace can be a fantastic location to focus and maximise your productivity.

With the cost-of-living crisis, the use of charging points and heating for the day all for the price of a coffee sure sounds ideal!

As you consider taking your office work outside, remember these helpful tips for working in a coffee shop:

Choose the right shop

Not all cafes are suitable for remote workers. Well, technically, any space with a table and WIFI could be an adequate setting for you to work or study but, some coffee shops cater to people who work remotely and enjoy doing that in a coffeeshop. You need to find a cafe with comfortable seating, a strong WIFI connection, available electrical outlets and an environment that creates a perfect space to focus on your work.

Invest in helpful resources

A pair of headphones is a necessity for anyone working remotely from a coffee shop. Other tools can help you maximize your productivity and focus, as well. A wireless mouse makes computer navigation easier while occupying little space and, they are easy and portable to take to and from the coffee shop.

Another necessity is, a small/medium sized, light weight, laptop that you can easily carry in a bag. Instead of hogging two electrical outlets, bring a power bank for your phone or use a USB to charge it from the laptop. As always, a pen and a notepad can also be simple yet effective resources for any workday.

To shop these useful resources, press the link below, we offer many different laptops, tablets, devices, and accessories to help with your coffeeshop working.

Plan and be organized

Each time you open up your laptop, you should already have an agenda for the duration of your stay. Before each cafe trip, plan what you need to accomplish and organize all the materials you need, so you're prepared to work as soon as you arrive. 

Setting a limit is also essential for keeping yourself level-headed and relaxed during your visit. You'll accomplish more of your to-do list if you're in a clear and calm mindset rather than a chaotic one.

Treat the place like your job site but pay for the privilege

When you arrive, treat this visit as if you were clocking in for a job. Stay on task, use your time wisely and refrain from becoming too distracted. You can use coffee shops as workspaces, but they are businesses first and foremost. Order a nice drink, reorder something every few hours and leave a tip for the barista or staff member.

At MCC Digital we understand that we work in the age of flexible working so that’s why we have Hybrid Working bundles to support employees with the devices they need to do their job to the best of their ability in any environment.


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