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Choosing the Right Network for your Business

Choosing a new work phone is a big decision but choosing the right network is just as important.

Having the right mobile network can have a big impact on your business productivity. Read below to find out the benefits of each network.

Here at MCC Digital we offer connections on O2, EE and Vodafone.

What are the benefits?

  • Data rollover over (6GB and above tariff - 1 month rollover)

  • Inclusive UK to EU minutes & text (500 or 2000, tariff will determine which is applicable 20 GB & above)

  • International call saver - this reduces calls from the UK to abroad - this is available on tariffs 100GB & unlimited data packages

  • Roam like at a home (EU)

  • Business flex

  • Spend Cap

  • Global Roaming Plus (available on Unlimited Max plans - includes 81 countries) calls/text and data in the UK/ & roaming come out of your tariff)

  • Roam line at home (EU)

  • Bolt ons e.g., picture message, 08 Bundle

  • 100 international SMS messages 

  • Vodafone International 

  • Spend cap

  • IDD (international direct dial) calling packages

  • Bolt ons e.g., global minutes

  • International SMS messages 

  • Roam like at home (EU)

  • Spend cap

Our network contracts are available over 12 and 24 month terms. We understand that keeping in touch is vital to any business, therefore all of our contracts come with unlimited texts and unlimited minutes.

Choosing the right network isn’t always easy, especially for a business. Check out our website for more information or contact us today to get a quote on your chosen network.


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